Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stephanie Holds Press Conference, Royal Rumble Announced, Brand Split Over?

Revolution Wrestling co-owner Stephanie McMahon called for a press conference earlier today, January 17th and decided to drop a few bombs regarding the company's future. 

The on-screen General Manager of RW brand Rebellion, Stephanie McMahon announced the company was moving in different directions with the new year. 

"2016 is looking to be a great year for the company," said McMahon, "We plan on expanding the RW Network to 30 countries by WrestleMania,"
But what shocked reporters the most was when she addressed the upcoming Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, set for January 24th at the Amway Center in Orlando, as the first "singular brand Pay-Per-View since Summerslam."

This would also explain why superstars from Rebellion had been scheduled for Monday Night's Genesis in Charleston.