Wednesday, January 20, 2016

RW Interviewer Renee Young ''Nuclear heat'' backstage

Reports have surfaced that Revolution Wrestling interviewer veteran Renee Young has received ''nuclear heat'' backstage after a homophobic comment made by Renee towards lesbian newbie interviewer Daria Berenato.

Reports state that Renee came up to Berenato shortly after her interview with Asuka on Enigma, when Daria jokingly said she was the better interviewer and Renee responded, saying ''It's opposite day'', but ''then again you would be a woman right now if that was the case.''

Reports indicate Renee was referring to Daria's sexual lusts towards women rather than men, Daria complained to Chief executor of Revolution Wrestling Stephanie McMahon and there is an investigation pending, but for now the lockeroom isn't a friendly place for Renee.