Saturday, February 28, 2015

Congratulations Alexa Bliss!

Congratulations to Alexa Bliss, the winner of Revolutionary Divas, Season 2!. Alexa was in the finals, with Alicia Fox, who won last season but gave her opportunity to Trish Stratus. Even though she made it to the finals, that wasn't enough, Alexa Bliss won 2/3 tasks, getting the win and getting title shot for a title of her choice. We could say that Alexa was totally the underdog of the house, but she was absolutely the fan favorite. Alexa said  that she didn't had hopes on her, but she made it and she was shocked, she had no words. We want to say congrats to her, to Alicia, and to every diva who was in this season. But don't worry Divas, there is /always/ a Season 3!

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Revolutionary Divas, S2E6. Aksana's task

Revolutionary Divas, S2E6. Carmella's task with Alicia Fox

Revolutionary Divas. S2E6. Carmella's task with Alexa Bliss

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Revolutionary Divas Season 2- Episode 6

Friday, February 27, 2015

Training Grounds

RW Rumors: Charlotte, Summer Rae and more!

-There has a been a lot of negative talk about Charlotte in RW. It has been said that RW Diva Charlotte is getting a lot of heat on backstage, since losing the Tag Team Championship, Charlotte feels like she should get what she wants, but some people say that she doesn't deserve it and that she is still green in the ring. Other believes that she will get the RW Women's Championship and Divas at backstage call her "Little daddy's girl". Will Charlotte get what she wants? Will she fall into irrelevance hole like her BFF Sasha Banks? Or will she be in the retirement line like Caylee Turner and Melina!?

-We've noted how RW Officials are high on Alexa Bliss, but apparently another Divas is joining this list. It was reported that officials are high on Summer Rae, and they're planning on putting her in singles competition, without BFFs, and finally get singles title. Even though Summer has been inactive for a few weeks, they think that she can become top heel of the company.

-Word coming out of RW is that a big tag team match with Divas in WrestleMania 31 is being planned. The match could be Revolutionary Divas vs The Divas in an elimination match. This hasn't been confirmed yet, but it will probably happen, since most of RD have been getting push.

-RW Diva, Carmella confirmed that Season 3 of RD will be back on TV around the summer, and she said that most of the divas are returning, but that new Divas are joining too. Who do you think it will be the new Diva!? Who will return!?

Friday, February 20, 2015

RW Rumor!: Sasha Banks, Trish Stratus and more!

-There's a huge rumor that RW Diva Sasha Banks is pregnant. Apparently, the rumor started in backstage when JoJo (RW Announcer) started to tell everyone that Mercedes (Sasha) was pregnant. We don't know who is the father, and nothing has been confirmed yet. 
-DailyWrestling reported that RW Officials (AJ Lee and Carmella) are high on the newbie Alexa Bliss. Even though she hasn't won many matches, she has impressed everyone at backstage and that she will become champion this year. Alexa will have a match against Winter at Fast Lane, and this could be her moment to prove everyone wrong and finally get her push                                              

-Many people have been asking who is RW Favorite Diva!? Well that's simple. Everyone at backstage believe that Trish Stratus, former RW World Champion, is the favorite diva. Apparently she is the top babyface of comapny, she has the looks, ring skills and mic skills, and that's what the officials are looking for.However, other people disagree and think that Trish is one of the most overrated divas in the comapny. Stay in touch for the most dramatic and scandalous rumors about your favorite RW Divas!

RW Rumor!: Heat on RW Diva Caylee Turner!?

-Many sources have reported that there has been a lot of heat on RW Diva Caylee Turner. Apparently, a lot of Divas think that the newbie is too "cocky" and "arrogant" and that she is not even good in the ring or hard to compete against her. There's a feeling that Christina (Caylee) will get released after WrestleMania along with Melina Perez, former X Divison Champion. These both Divas haven't made a huge impact in the company and RW officials are not high on them anymore so it would be a waste of space.