Monday, January 18, 2016

RW Diva focus- Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlett Bordeaux had arguably one of the more impactful and interesting debuts' in Revolution Wrestling history. Aligning herself with at the time dominant Doll Academy led by former X-Division champion Eve Torres, she distracted Gail Kim in a title vs career match, allowing Eve to retain after a reverse DDT thus securing her title.

Scarlett and her dolls would remain on top of the Rebellion brand for quite some time, later on feuding with current Queen of RW Rosa Mendes in a failed attempt to capture the crown. Unfortunately things went in a spiral of doom from there as the Doll Academy fell from the top after Eve lost her title, she decided to quit  Revolution Wrestling,  in doing so leaving the Doll Academy with no leader and no direction.

With Scarlett's doll academy falling apart, and failing to win the Crown, she set out to get back on top, with this new fire ignited in her she decided to answer Eva Marie's open challenge, in hopes of winning the Womens Championship.

However luck was not at her side as she failed to obtain the title. Scarlett now continues fighting to get to the top and dreams of being back at number one with or without her dolls.