Rules and How to Join

Welcome to Revolution Wrestling, we are not only roleplay company but we are so much more. When you join, you become a part of a league of friends. To start, pick from one of our many open spots at the moment (posted down below)! Next, you will learn the rules and have unofficial matches until you become an official part of the roster! Once official, you will be scheduled in our  roleplay shows, followed by monthly PPVs, and storylines! The Rules are simple:

1. Roll Ups are no longer banned, there is now a two per match Max per RP'er, per match.  More than two in the match will be ignored

2. You must perform at LEAST four moves that are non finisher before attempting a pin, pins attempted before the 4 moves will be ignored

3. Roll Ups ARE permitted in three or more matches, but the same rules above apply

4. Your moveset must be realistic to your character, failure to do so will lead to reprimand

5.  Stay out of segments, matches, and post match segments that does not involve your character

6. There will not be any random breaking up or forming of teams

7. You must RP with fluidity, no random moves; include movements such as "-stands up-"

8. Write Kick Out Before 3 in order to continue match, Write "Breakout" before 5 in order to break move

9. Breaking a pin during a tag match is allowed, limit to one break per team, any break after the first will be ignored

10. Breakout and Kickout cannot be in the same comment, if so the comment will be ignored

11. Legal Pins to use: Pin, Cover, Victory Roll, Lateral Press, Charlotte's Web, Small Package, Rollup, Schoolgirl, Inside Cradle, Oklahoma Roll, and O Connor Roll. ~Any other term that is not in the list above must include "pin" or "cover". **Example 1** "Gedo Clutch" wouldn't count. "Gedo Clutch Pin" would. **Ex 2** "Backslide" wouldn't count. "Backslide Pin" would. **Ex 3** "Jacknife" wouldn't count. "Jacknife Pin" or "Jacknife Cover" would.

Our open spots include, but are not limited to: Aksana, Big Cass, Cameron, Cesaro, Charlotte, Dolph Ziggler, Enzo Amore, Gail Kim, Jacqueline, Jazz, Kelly Kelly, Lana, and many many more! Join today!

For a complete list of our current roster, click here to check out the roster page!