Friday, July 22, 2016

Updates before Battleground, titles and more

WITH Battleground just around the corner, everything is reportedly set. The general feel of Battleground is the ''warm up'' before the second greatest PPV of the year, SummerSlam. One woman that has been stormed with controversy is Becky Lynch, after reports came out stating Lynch failed drug tests and with her private photos surfacing the internet, officials are happily done with Becky. Carmella is set to win the title off Becky and then Becky will lose her rematch the RAW after, with Becky going on leave for an undetermined time. There have been jokes among the Women as they have began calling Lynch ''Becky with the STI''. Becky Lynch vs Carmella will be the co-main event along with Naomi vs Cameron for the Womens title.

 Talk of the tag titles returning have been happening but were quickly scrapped due to a rising disinterest on the titles. Pushes, fresh feuds and more opportunities is said to be the general future post-Battleground as the Road to SummerSlam begins. Battleground is set to take place on Sunday the 24th of July in the All-states Arena.