Sunday, January 3, 2016

Revolution Wrestling Presents: Power 10! Week 3


Points Scored: 18
Opponent: Cameron
Brand: Rebellion


Points Scored: 17.10
Opponent: Tara and Mickie
Brand: Enigma


Points Scored: 16.80
Opponent: Asuka and Brie
Brand: Enigma

            AJ LEE

Points Scored: 16.70
Opponent: Asuka
Brand: Genesis


Points Scored: 16.23
Opponent: Cameron
Brand: Enigma


Points Scored: 15.93
Opponent: Tara and Summer
Brand: Enigma


Points Scored: 15.50
Opponent: Melina
Brand: Rebellion


Points Scored: 15.46
Opponent: Mickie and Summer
Brand: Enigma


Points Scored: 15.33
Opponent: AJ Lee
Brand: Genesis


Points Scored: 15.00
Opponent: Asuka and Bayley
Brand: Enigma

Brand Comparisons
~Genesis = 2 Power 10 Moments~
~Enigma = 6 Power 10 Moments~
~Rebellion = 2 Power 10 Moments~

Week 1 Results:
1) AJ   2) Billie  3) Eve  4) Asuka  5) Rebel  6) Tamina  7) Tara  8) Velvet  9) Angelina  10) Melina

Week 2 Results:
1) Tara  2) Cam  3) Brie  4) Paige  5) Rosa  6) Mickie  7) Lita  8) Eva  9) Sasha  10) Summer

**What is the Power 10** 
This is meant to rank everyone who competes in a match during the week

**How to Enter** 
You must compete in a match throughout the week (Brands/PPVs)

**How are the Scores Decided**
3 people are asked their opinions on the match and individuals involved. Those scores are then averaged out and added together to earn a total. All the totals are then ranked into an order.

**Multiple Matches a Week**
If you compete in more than one match during the week, your highest overall score will be placed into the Power 10 rankings. The other matches you competed in, with lower scores, will not be entered.