Sunday, January 31, 2016

RW EXCLUSIVE: Keeping Up With Trish Stratus

After a two month hiatus, the former RW World Champion, Trish Stratus made her much anticipated return to the ring at the Royal Rumble two weeks ago. Now, the esteemed blogger and yogi talks exclusively with RW and tells us just what exactly what Canada's Greatest Export has been doing with her time off from Revolution Wrestling.

Could you take us through what was going through your head the night you cashed in on Torrie Wilson, and won the RW World Championship?: Well, I was sitting backstage watching the match, and management didn't tell me until last minute that I would be cashing in on Torrie. I honestly was overwhelmed and I knew I had to deliver that night. But also, I was happy and excited to finally have my breakout moment and to finally win the RW world title. I worked hard for it, and it was very rewarding for me. It will always be my favorite moment in my career.

Looking back at your first run with RW, what are you most proud of?: Well, -fixes my hair- I would have to say winning the world title, my match with Aksana, and my storyline with Mickie and Lita. My match with Aksana was just magic and we went out there and put on a clinic. I honestly thought it would be a regular Rebellion match, but I was wrong. We went out there and broke down barriers. Now onto my feud with Mickie and Lita, it was just amazing. The chemistry we all had with each other and the matches we had, including Summerslam were all great. Mickie played the perfect psychotic woman and Lita played the lovable babyface well. It just meshed together. Every week you were like "Oooh, what's gonna happen next?" -laughs-

What was Trish up to on her time off?: Nothing much. Trying to stay healthy and modeling from time to time. Also to focus on yoga, since I love it.

Trish Stratus, on the Marilyn Denis Show, promoting Stratusphere Yoga
Talk to us a little about Stratusphere Yoga, your yoga studio.: It's a yoga studio for women who want to become fit. I think it's great for anyone who wants to make more friends and to feel more confident about themselves. Some of the RW Divas stop by and we have a lot of fun. The women I work with are very nice and kind, I have a blast working with them. My business has been open for about a year and it's a success. I have DVDs out for anyone who wants to try some yoga! 

What's next for Trish, what does she have her eyes set on?: I have my eyes set on becoming the tag team champions with Candice and competing at Wrestlemania, and then one day main eventing WrestleMania of course. 

And lastly, does Trish Stratus have a tv show she binge watches?: -laughs- Not that I can think of. Hmmmm maybe Keeping Up With the Kardashians?