Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Run Down-This week in Revolution Wrestling

Welcome to the run down- Where we gather up the latest news, rumors and gossip in Revolution Wrestling!

Genesis General Manager Summer Rae's absence over the last few weeks and her inactivity on her social media account has been a puzzle to most fans, some even speculating that she had been released- rest assured our dazzling GM has taken her first steps in Hollywood as she's filming for a new movie the Marine 6, as confirmed by the director of Marine 6. She is expected to return in 11 weeks, whether she will be competing at Wrestlemania is unknown.

What came as a shock to the entire RW universe was the loss of Tara's X-Division championship in this week's Enigma's taping-she lost in 30 seconds to an armbar, needless to say this left everyone shocked and most of all angry. David Meltzer reports that RW had ''given up'' on the X-Division championship, that management felt the title had lost its buzz after Eve lost the title, and that they now want to build Eva as ''the next Eve''. Meltzer said that Tara requested to lose her title, for the mere reason that she feels she will never live up to the former X-Division championship legacy. However Meltzer has been wrong in the past, examples including his paragraph on 'Bayley getting a big push' when unfortunately nowadays Bayley can barely make an Enigma taping.

Onto more postitive news, it seems that RW Divas Cameron and Asuka are in store for ''big pushes'', reports indicate RW Womens Champion Eva Marie has been gunning for Cameron for quite some time and it seems it might of worked. Asuka has impressed officials over the course of the previous months in her in ring work. Despite of the ''botched ending'' on last Genesis where Asuka made Mickie tap preventing Mickie to do a highly anticipated hot tag to AJ-Asuka botched and forgot that she was meant to do the Asuka lock to AJ and did it to Mickie instead, in doing so it is said the match was around 3 minutes shorter than scheduled.

That it's for the Run Down this week!