Monday, January 4, 2016

Revolution Wrestling: What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

RW Divas share their 2016 New Year's Resolutions with the RW Universe:

A.J. Lee: To ditch Tamina Snuka and move on to better things. But with Tamina's ways on keeping her job and current role, I don't think that'll ever happen.

Alexa Bliss: To become the greatest RW diva.

Asuka: My New Years Resolution is to maybe, finally win some matches!

Bayley: My New Year's Resolution is to work harder than I have before. I want to make more friends and keep them, and forgive those who've betrayed me. Also, my ultimate goal is to defeat win the XD title. All the champions who've held that title are respected and influential. It would be an honor!

Carmella: My New Years resolution is to show all of the RW Divas what I'm truly made of!

Eva Marie: My New Year's Resolution for for everyone to feel SO amazing about themselves...Especially when I walk into a room. I mean...I don't want anyone to feel so insecure, sooo...I'm gonna start wearing more clothes. Who am I kidding?! With a body like this....not gonna happen!

Lita: To make an Impact on RW, have entertaining matches with the women & to be famous/remembered across the RW universe!

Liv Morgan: My New Years Resolution is be like nothing that has ever existed before.

Melina: To keep being the most dominant diva in RW. Duh.

Mickie James: My New Year's Resolution is to win every single prestigious title in RW, starting with the Tag Team titles at Power to the People.

Natalya: My New Years Resolution is to not be that little nice girl everyone can push around. I want to be the best at what I do and that's to be one of the best wrestlers to have stepped into RW.

Nikki Bella: To actually win a title.

Sasha Banks:  New years resolution is to win a match and re establish my dominance within the entire company.

Scarlett Bordeaux: Of course it would be to help my girl Eve to continue her reign of dominance! Other than that, to create a reign of my own! The crown looks great on Rosa, it will look even better on me. But I am not being overconfident, as Rosa is one of the most impressive non-dolls in Revolution Wrestling.

Summer Rae: My new Years Resolution is to make sure to see Brie Bella get fired and suffer, also to walk into Wrestlemania in a title match-and win the title.

Tara: My New Years Resolution is to have health, happiness, and longevity in this company of course. In 2016, I hope to dominate in the ring and show the RW Universe why every RW diva should be TARA-fied. Also, to finally capture the gold and to continue where I left off when I got fired from RW...sitting on my throne on top.

Velvet Sky: Well lets see my New Years resolution is to earn a few titles this year and win the Slammy for double-cross of the year.

Zahra: My New Years Resolution is to leave a huge mark on Revolution Wrestling .. And the divas faces.

What is your New Year's Resolution?