Thursday, September 1, 2016

RW Rumors: Backstage Heat On Natalya?

It is said that the current RW Superstar, Natalya, has heat with several wrestlers and officials backstage. After failing to impress the officials with her poor promo and acting skills, Natalya was said to have developed an ego, thinking she deserves more than half of the lockeroom.

She even went on to change her entire look, including the hair color, claiming she had to take matters in her own hands. Officials weren't impressed about Natalya changing her image without their consent, but, they seem to like the idea for her new character.

Coming out of SummerSlam with a protected loss, it is said the officials are ready to give her another chance with this new look. However, it is said she may well be released if she doesn't show any signs of improvement with her promo skills and her backstage behavior.