Monday, March 30, 2015

Revolution Wrestling Presents: Star of The Week! #WrestleManiaWeek

This has been an interesting week, this week. This was the last week on our Road to Wrestlemania. We saw new champions, debuts, and even some shocking Wrestlemania moments. Let's get to our Stars of The Week!

1st: CANDICE MICHELLE. Candice Michelle has had an great week this week. She faced the then World Champion Torrie Wilson this week and won, she faced Beth Phoenix this week and also won. Candice then went on to face The Undertaker, Candice ended up losing but then she went on to a Triple Threat title match for the World title at WrestleMania. Candice won the match by pinning the champion at the time Torrie Wilson. Will Candice Michelle become this week's Star of The Week?
2nd: SASHA BANKS. Sasha Banks got the chance to face Jillian Hall with the Women's champion on the line at WrestleMania. Sasha ended up winning the match with a roll up to Jillian. Sasha Banks is a 2x Women's champion! Will Sasha Banks become this week's Star of The Week?
3rd: THE BFFS. Charlotte faced Nikki Bella and Eve Torres this week in singles action. Charlotte defeated both, Eve in a 2/3 falls with Charlotte getting 2 falls and Eve one. Then, at WrestleMania, both Summer Rae and Charlotte faced then the team BeckSana for the titles. The BFFs ended up winning the gold once again. Will The BFFs become this week's Star(s) of The Week?
4th: GAIL KIM. Gail Kim faced Caylee Turner twice and Alicia Fox this week. Gail also got to face Alicia again with the title on the line at WrestleMania. Luckily for Gail, she won all her matches this week, and retained her X Division championship too. Will Gail Kim become this week's Star of The Week?
5th: EVE TORRES. Eve may have lost to Beth Phoenix and Charlotte this week but she also defeated Natalya, and on top of that she won the Mae Young Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania out lasting a total of 5 other competitors. Will Eve Torres become this week's Star of The Week?
6th: AJ LEE. A.J. got to face Carmella this week, A.J. defeated Carmella who dominated the match then A.J. came back with one move which was the Black Widow to make Carmella tap. A.J. also defeated Paige at WrestleMania and made Paige tap too. Will A.J. Lee become this week's Star of The Week?
7th: CARMELLA. Carmella may have lost to A.J. Lee this week on Xplosion, but she also defeated Trish Stratus in a Iron Woman match at WrestleMania. Will Carmella become this week's Star of The Week?

8th: HAVOK. After weeks of scary vignettes, Havok finally returned/debuted at WrestleMania facing Winter. Havok ended up defeating Winter. Will Havok become this week's Star of The Week?

So now we turn it over to you, the fans, and let you guys decide who's this week's Star of The Week will be. Cast your votes below! Poll will be closed after 24 hours!