Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RW Rumors: Heat On Gail Kim, X Division Championship, Caylee Turner's Future, and more!

-RW Officials are said to not be impressed with X Division champion Gail Kim. Officials say that they try to book Gail in tons of defenses as possible but Gail refuses to do it or always get mad when she's notified that she has to defend her title. Gail has had to defend her title twice this week because of her attitude. There may be a title match at Extreme Rules that involves multiple people with the X Division title on the line due to how angry officials are. RW General Manager A.J. Lee and Gail Kim have a strong dislike for each other backstage, who knows maybe Gail will be released up come these next few weeks?

-Caylee Turner has been in Revolution Wrestling for 2 and a half months or so, during her time in Revolution Wrestling she hasn't been given anything. Officials believe that Caylee isn't ready for the gold yet, they believe that Caylee is a bad example of what a champion should be like. They also believe that Turner will embarrass the company with how much of an mess she is. One of the many reasons why officials aren't that high on Caylee Turner is because of her recent involvement with Torrie Wilson, when she helped Torrie secure the victory when Torrie was scripted to lose. With that 'Candice vs Torrie' match out of the history for Revolution Wrestling, will Caylee Turner also be gone too?

-Officials seem to be high on RW Diva Aksana. Aksana recently turned heel on her long time Tag Team partner Becky Lynch at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. Since then, officials were very impressed because of the way Aksana portrays her character, they think she does a very great job, better than champions when it comes to character. That may be the reason why Aksana is currently in a new stable with General Manager A.J. Lee, Former X Division champion Carmella, and Alicia Fox.