Saturday, April 18, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Who Do You Think Deserve A World Title Shot?

Revolution Wrestling got the chance to talk to many Superstars and Divas on who they think deserve a shot at the World Title! Their responses are below!

Cesaro: Alexa. She's been very active.

Alicia Fox: Who deserves a shot at the world title? Well it's simple! My girl Carmella, she's proven time & time again how fabulous she is. Following that, I wouldn't mind if Aksana was the next champion. Or even the GM herself, AJ Lee. And I guess it wouldn't hurt if the Foxy herself got a shot.

Summer Rae: Duh, if anyone should be, ME. Compare me to the current people who are competing for the title, irrelevant Aksana who I pinned both on PPV's. And Tamina? Please that's just tragic.

Gail Kim: Aksana should win the title because she's used to having long title reigns. And will make it relevant more than Torrie could ever to be honest.

The Miz: I'd like a shot at it but I don't think I'm ready yet. AJ is a great diva and I feel the title would represent her more.

Madison Rayne: I would have to say Aksana or Becky because I feel just as they were strong as a tag team, they can be just as strong as single competitors and they would be refreshing.

Havok: I would have to say Winter.... Now that is a joke. Of course, it should be me. I'm the most unpredictable monster not diva, MONSTER in all of RW and if that jumped up, so called beast, Kharma, thinks she's a monster, then she hasn't met me yet. Why do I think I should be champion? I'll make it relevant like no other diva has. Period.

Tamina Snuka: Tamina because she retired the former World Champion.

Finn Bàlor: I deserve it, I gotta admit, I respect everyone in the back but when it comes to me, I seize the moment and take the championship away.

Carmella: Aksana. Because I mean look at her, she's the perect championship material! And she needs to represent the company and save the title from divas like Torrie, Trish and Candice who only care about spotlight!

Rosa Mendes: AJ but I'm only saying this because she'll fire me if I say someone else.

Becky Lynch: Other than the Delty Diva herself Becky Lynch, I personally think Alexa Bliss deserves a shot at the World Title in RW. Like have you seen her lately? Alexa proved herself to be one of the top and best faces in the company and she is one of the best high flyers ever. When Alexa is competing in the ring against her opponents she always impresses me and the debut of the Sparkle Splash was iconic. Let's not forget the time when she competed in Revolutionary Divas Season 2 against other top RW divas including myself, Alexa came out on top and managed to win the whole show which was amazing to watch. She deserved it more than anyone else that competed in the season and now she even has a contract for any title she wants to compete for. These are the reasons why I want Alexa Bliss to have a World Title match soon in RW.

Jojo: I can't choose out of Brie, Naomi or Sasha. Because they all are great in the ring. They know how to bring a fight and entertain.

Paige: Myself. I've been here longer than most and I have been always looked over. I know I can do it and I can prove it to all of RW. Just give me that chance and I'll show you all that I am the best.

Brie Bella: Well apart from Aksana... Tamina. We all saw what she did to Candice and I don't think there's any other diva that can stop her dominance.

Aksana: Obviosly.....Aksana. I'm shore de other girls THINK dey deserve it to, but das only cause they wanna be like me. But das okay...Everybody wanna be like Aksana.

Trish Stratus: Alexa Bliss! She is very good in the ring and is underrated in my opinion. She has a huge future here and has passion. She would make a good champion.

Beth Phoenix: Me, because I've been dominating for the past several weeks, I deserve it. I won't stop until I get what's mine!

Charlotte: Me because Authority keeps paying me dust in the Tag Division.

Emma: I think that Paige should get a shot because she shows amazing in ring competition.

Roman Reigns: Who do I think? It's easy. Me! I think I deserve a shot because, I could make that title more relevant than any title in this company, me being champion could make the future bright. As champion I'll defend that title anywhere, anytime and mostly any damn day. Because I don't complain. I just fight, believe that!

Alexa Bliss: Me, because I want to prove that I'm not a just a dumb barbie. I'm a fighter. And everyone would take notice of that if I had the title.

A.J. Lee: I would like to see someone new. Someone new in the title picture. Someone that's not the name Torrie Wilson, Daffney or Candice Michelle. I think it's time that we see new girls in the main event scene. For the past couple of months that Revolution Wrestling has been up, we've seen Daffney in the title picture for a quite well, the only time she wasn't in the title picture was when she's injured. She came back and got put back into the title picture. Honestly, it's just time for girls to step up. Now that Daffney is gone forever, and Candice is gone we can finally see new girls in the Main Event scene. And you can slowly see girls like Aksana, Tamina, Winter and Alexa Bliss proving why they deserve to be the Main Event. Who knows? Hopefully, one of them can win the title, and hold it for a good amount of days because the past champions have held it for either 0, 11 or 20 days. That's not making the World Title any better AT ALL. And it's sad that we have one, just ONE girl who's held the title for over 30 days. Hell, Torrie has been champion for 85 days. That's impressive, but what's not impressive is her holding it for 2 minutes too. But moving on, let's hope that we can see the 4 girls I've mentioned showing why they're capable of stealing the show too, soon.

Nikki Bella: Alicia Fox because I think Fox has worked so hard and came so short at Wrestlemania. She gave her title shot to Trish to be a good person but I don't think she should have. Fox is an amazing person so I would love to have her as champion. Maybe with the extra pay she can hire someone to find her hairline. No shade.

Eva Marie: Me I think I do. Well it would be best for business because I would be making my debut and might win the World Title. Also the RW Universe would be shocked by my surprising debut.

Sable: Anyone but Trish, she wins all the time by using the stench of her fanny to create a fog to knock out her opponents.

Bayley: Me, because look at me, I'm like an adorable cartoon!