Saturday, April 11, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Do You Think RW Diva Trish Stratus Is Overrated?

Revolution Wrestling has got the chance to talk with many Divas from the locker room on whether they think RW Diva Trish Stratus is overrated or not. Here's what they had to say about her.

Beth Phoenix: Nope, she's proven her worth at RW, she's not afraid of a challenge.

Nikki Bella: Yes, she is overrated because when she had the title she was so cocky. Many people praised her but in her first title defense she lost.

Becky Lynch: Yes, she is overrated because she wants to have literally everything and doesn't give others a chance, she tries to get people to do stuff the way she wants.

Tamina Snuka: Ugh, yes, she's overrated because she thinks she's good when she's a messy bitch who has to be carried.

Charlotte: Yes, because as the most Genetically Superior diva in RW, it disgusts me how she has been booked so strongly because she went from Main Event to WrestleMania jobbing. She's pathetic and doesn't deserve the praise when she works with people who's superior than her in the ring so she's not great, she's hardly good.

Rosa Mendes: I think she is overrated because she's fake, and only got the World Title shot by giving favors. And she doesn't have a natural face and body like Rosa.

Carmella: I think that Trish is good but she's overrated. As an official of RW, I've seen her demanding too much and she needs to back up. I already gave her a slap of reality! Is that enough? She thinks she's good for being a blonde bimbo but she's not, she just does the same old moves like boo, you're boring, capisce?

Brie Bella: Well I don't think she's overrated, she makes a good World Champion and now she isn't main eventing anymore. There's no reason to hate on her.

Gail Kim: Not really. There are days you forget she's around.

Torrie Wilson: Yes, because she thinks she is really good but she hardly wins and puts on decent matches, also she is very cocky.

Alexa Bliss: Trish is kinda in the middle. She's not actually that overrated but she is a little. I feel like she's kinda always in the big picture. Like it's always Trish...... What about Alexa? She's a good baby face!

A.J. Lee: Yes, Trish is highly overrated. Trish thinks that just because you have great matches with the vets here in Revolution Wrestling that makes her good. She has great matches with the vets like Aksana, Carmella, Torrie, Charlotte and Eve Torres, but that's because they are also talented. Where as when she faces talent like Winter and Brie Bella, you can see Trish's skills, you can see that she's not the big star that everyone praises. If you want to be someone who's good, you have to be able to also make the newer stars look good instead of going on to bury them with a headlock. She's also a girl who wants to be booked better than me, the General Manager, and that's not going to happen. So when it all boils down, yes Trish is overrated. And I think it's time we give girls like Alexa, Beth, Paige and Rosa Mendes the chance that they very deserve.

Summer Rae: Yes she gets everything handed to her even though she does nothing and just because she got some fluke title shot she is classified as one of the best? Get out!

Paige: Trish is definitely overrated.  She's put on this pedestal to be our model of the good girl but inside, she's the most evil bitch on the roster. The backstage politics, the gossip on everyone. She's not only overrated, p.s I beat her in 3 minutes, she's also the most fake diva in RW. I'd love to exploit the real Trish Stratus for the whole world to see.

The Divas Division think Trish is overrated, but what do you think? Discuss your and their thoughts below on whether you agree with them or not!