Saturday, April 25, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Who Is Aksana?

Many people may ask Who is Aksana? Well, that's easy. živilė Raudonienė who goes under the ring name Aksana is a Revolution Wrestling Diva. Aksana has been with the company for 6 months so far and during those five months she has made a big impact. Whether it's in the Tag Team Division or even going solo, Aksana is definitely one who you would be proud to love.

The 32 year old's career kicked off when she debuted on the October 20th, 2014 edition of Genesis against Madison Rayne. Aksana ended up getting the victory over Madison winning her debut match. Aksana then got the chance to have her very on show which she called The Aksana Show. The show made it's debut October 21st, 2014 on Evolve with special guest Carmella. She then went on to team up with Becky Lynch to form the team BeckSLana with their valet Lana. BeckSLana debuted as a team at Hell in a Cell where they faced The Bella Twins and the Tag Team championships were on the line. Aksana ended up getting the win for her team after a Dropping Knee to Brie Bella. The team BeckSLana dominated the Tag Team division, going through each and every team and retaining their titles when the title was on the line. The Beautiful People kidnapped Lana and she was no where seen since so that made the team name BeckSana now. We then saw them defend their titles against 2/3 of The BFFs, Summer Rae and Charlotte at the January 25th, Royal Rumble Pay Per View. The 90 day reign of BeckSana finally came to an end when Charlotte and Summer Rae got the victory after Summer looked like she was going for a Octupus Stretch but then fell down into a roll up to gain the Tag Titles for herself and Charlotte. BeckSana got the chance to face The BFFs again at Fast Lane. Becky went alone for this match but still managed to pick up the win for her team regaining the Tag Titles for a 2nd time for not only herself but Aksana! These two had to face BFFs again with the titles on the line at the grandest stage of them all WrestleMania. Becky ended up losing the titles for the team BeckSana, these two held the titles for 35 days for their second reign. After the match, Aksana ended up hitting a Divo Drop onto Becky Lynch turning on her long-time partner and ending the team BeckSana. On April 6th, 2015 (Genesis) we saw Aksana form a alliance with General Manager A.J. Lee, Carmella, and Alicia Fox. After the break-up of BeckSana, a week later we saw Aksana compete in a World Title contendership match with Brie Bella and Winter on Rebellion which happened the 10th of April. Aksana ended up getting the victory after a Divo Drop onto Brie Bella. She became the new #1 contender for the World Title holder at the time Candice Michelle. Candice ended up leaving the company so there was a tournament where the winner of the tournament will face Aksana for the World Title on Genesis, April 27. Tamina won the tournament and will face Aksana on April 27th with the World Title on the line!

When people ask who is Aksana? That is the career of Aksana and many more historic accomplishments to come. Aksana is currently still under contract with Revolution Wrestling. We got to chat with Aksana online and here's how she felt about her career:

My career going great. I am very proud of mysef and I thing my mothar in Lithuania very proud too. I laaave my career. Who I wanna thenk for my career? Just say I wanna thenk the most amazing person in da world....Aksana. Thenk you Aksana, for being so amazing and talented and beautifool and for makin everyone wanna be like yu.

Will Aksana become the next World Champion and add yet another accomplishment to her career or will she lose? There's only one way to find out and that is on the Genesis Special which will take place April 27th! You don't want to miss this! Comment below in the comments section now on your thoughts on RW Diva Aksana!