Friday, April 24, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Who Do You Think Is Most Underrated In RW And Why?

Revolution Wrestling got to talk with the Divas and Superstars on who they think is the most underrated in Revolution Wrestling. Here's what they had to say!

Alicia Fox: Simple, Becky Lynch was the most underrated...but she left. So now I'd say Summer Rae is pretty underrated. People act like she'll be a easy win, But I disagree, and I've got to give her credit. She puts up a strong fight.

Havok: The person I defeated in my debut Match at WrestleMania she hasn't been in a lot of matches since I beat her so I feel down deep in my cold black heart she is underrated and deserves a bit more praise and adoration for the effort she put in at WrestleMania to try and beat me that person is Winter.

Trish Stratus: Sasha Banks, she is good in ring and improved a lot. She has good mic skills.

Brie Bella: Summer Rae, she's getting buried under BFF's shadow, if she gets an individual push she can be like the top most heel diva of RW and I've been the victim of this since she has beaten me in this very same ring.

Sable: Being honest I believe Aksana is the most underrated, always being held back by that smell Becky I'm glad she's got away.

Becky Lynch: I think the most underrated is Nikki Bella. In her matches she does amazing moves, always has incredible matches and when she is on the mic, Everybody listens to her and knows she is good on the mic. It is now time for Nikki to get a title shot so officials you know what to do.

Summer Rae: The only underrated Diva in RW is obviously one of their best, aka me.  Each time I'm scheduled to go against someone they always laugh or act all happy about it, and don't get me started on all those Twitter haters, so obviously ME.

Nikki Bella: Brie Bella because my sister deserves more credit. She loves the business. People treated her like shit aka Caylee Turner. Brie is such a sweetheart. Brie is always nice she never gets mad at anyone. She loves to have matches with everyone. She thinks she's a disappointment to me but she's not. I feel like I let her down because I haven't been there for her. I love her and I honestly think she's awesome. Maybe one day she can beat my ass. I hope so.

Sasha Banks: Summer Rae, honestly Charlotte is a terrible friend always bashing her skills but last time I checked Summer won the Tag Titles on her own. Summer Rae is a lot more than another pretty face.

Madison Rayne: Alexa Bliss, I feel she has the total package, great ring ability, great everything and the heavyweight competitors are overlooking her.

Alexa Bliss: The Beautiful People. They can be be total bi..... sparklers! but they have tons of potential. Brie is another too because I feel like she hasn't proved herself still. It's a tie for me.

Carmella: Definitely Becky Lynch. She's one of the most talented divas in the roster but people don't see it because she was in the shadows of Aksana for a long time but now that she's alone I'm sure that she will prove everyone wrong and finally show why she's the delty diva.

Beth Phoenix: Emma, she's been busting her ass off since she first came to RW, she's a BAD ASS chick and takes no prisoners. It's sad that she's not used much.

Eve Torres: Most underrated in RW? Thats obviously me. I seem to have to remind people all the time that I am practically royalty. Actually I am. I just leave my tiara at home, too many thieves— anyways who else is more underrated than me? I deserve the lime light, I am a former General Manager and I was the first ever to grace the cover of Revolution Magazine, which I happen to do TWICE. You people don't understand how lucky you are to have me. But don't you worry about Eve because let me remind you that I still have a title shot opportunity I can evoke at any second.

Paige: Jeez, I'd have to say.. Nikki, she's better than her track record shows, I would have to say Love too, she came close to being number one contender this week on Genesis...

Emma: I think that I am because I may have a few mess ups here and there but I will win the X Division title, Emma is not to be messed with.

Maven: Madison Rayne, I feel like she hasn't been given a chance to be the best she can be.

Eva Marie: I think Summer Rae. The reason why is she is not sexy she does not show off her skill and she's irrelevant.

A.J. Lee: Most underrated in RW? Well, there are tons of people who are talented in RW, some are overrated, some are not but does that make them underrated? Not necessarily but there are a good amount of underrated talent in Revolution Wrestling. As being the General Manager for 5 months, I've seen talent improve and gotten better. Talent like Angelina Love, Beth Phoenix and Winter are all underrated, in my opinion. I see these 3 as stars. They are all talented and have a great future ahead of them. Beth started off as the soft girl who let anyone walk over her but now look at her she's defeating top stars and making a name for herself. Winter is also one who's slowly making a name for herself. She impresses each and every time she walks out to the ring. Lastly, Angelina Love. She's slowly improving and becoming better and better each time she steps foot into the ring. Maybe one day all 3 of these girls are the Main Event of a future Revolution Wrestling Pay Per View? Who knows, only time could tell.

Gail Kim: The underrated person in RW is Alexa. There are those people who think she's irrelevant or forget she's there but that's not the case. She has a lot of talent and could soon be the future face of RW.

Now it's time to see what you think, who do you think is the most underrated in Revolution Wrestling? Comment who you think below in the comments section!