Saturday, April 11, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Who's The Most Boring In Revolution Wrestling?

Revolution Wrestling got to talk with the Divas and Superstars of the company! We talked to them about on who they think the most boring diva in Revolution Wrestling is! Their responses are below!

Aksana: What a questchen...Obviously Aksana think Backy de most boring Diba in RW, why u think I dump her at Wreslemania?

Dolph Ziggler: Hmm, Aksana. Haven't seen her wrestle but her on the mic doesn't interest me. That and I don't really know the divas in the back.

Madison Rayne: Tamina, our superstars are more interesting, talking to Tamina is like watching the leaves fly around outside your house she is so boring. People actually leave and use the bathroom while she's wrestling. Thank god the queen bee has never had a match with her.

Summer Rae: I think the most boring Diva in RW is definitely Torrie. Each time you see her you automatically know what her boring mess is going to do, shes typical and trashy, not talented and a fluke.

Brie Bella: Caylee Turner, because she's a mess and god modder.

CM Punk: Aksana because she doesn't have enough wrestling moves.

Torrie Wilson: Trish, mainly because she reminds me of the basic face yanno? Not much different from any other face. I think Trish is the most boring honestly. She is very boring in the ring to be honest not much but punches, irish whips and some moves she always does. Also she shows no character while competing, it's like wrestling a punching bag. She throws in those those basic "COME ON" the town we are in, but honestly so does every single face in the lockeroom. She is also always complaining about not being pushed, But hello henny there is a reason. And that reason is you clearly don't work as hard as everyone else.

Roman Reigns: Aksana. Why? Because I don't think she's talented, she can't run the divas division. Even if she tried too. That's why.

Winter: Obviously, Trish. I mean come on, same old crap, over and over and over again. She makes me want to puke, like go somewhere with that.

Charlotte: Trish, because she's basic.

Beth Phoenix: Charlotte, her and Summer are always hogging up all the title opportunities. Her at RW is starting to get old real quick.

The Undertaker: Trish because of her boring World Title reign and wrestling moves.

Trish Stratus: I think Torrie is. She is soo boring as a villain and is so typical. We have women like Eve Torres who are great heels and have that charisma that entertains me. She mixes it up. Torrie on the other hand, is like a generic heel diva and anyone can play her role. She needs to do different things to reinvent herself. She reminds me of a dumb bimbo who is cocky and arrogant. She is also very boring in the ring and doesn't entertain me. One of the most boring heels by far. Maybe a face turn will be good for her. She's boring on mic, ring, and character. Torrie is supposed to be a veteran huh? Well even newbies and rising stars such as Sasha Banks are even better heels than her. Not to mention, Torries reign is probably the most boring in history.

Paige: Hm, I have to say that when it comes to matches, I'll go with Trish. Not only is she overrated but her moves are always the same shit, nothing new, nothing exciting always trying to get the roll up wins with stupid "attempt moves" it's ridiculous. On the mic, I'll go with Torrie. Her trash talk is so much.. shit. It makes The Bellas look like great promo givers.  Torrie was bland, unfun and made me fall asleep each time she opened her mouth. Wilson, keep your legs and your mouth shut, got it?

Carmella: I have to go with Gail. Why? Because people overrate her too much. And she's clearly one of the most boring Divas RW has ever had. I could go on all day talking about her, but I won't. It's simple, the only thing Gail does, is submissions. And that's it, people think she's a great champion but she's not. All of her title defenses end in a mess! Have you seen her matches against Rosa and Tamina? And she only cuts a 3 minutes promo, using weird words and people think that's good. Like are you serious? She ruined the beautiful X Divison champion She doesn't even deserve to be one, but hopefully, someone will end her boring reign and give her the slap of reality she needs, because I know that Gail, will be over soon! Like it or not.

Nikki Bella: Tamina because she doesn't belong in RW. She needs to go back to monsters inc. Big

A.J. Lee: Honestly, if I'm being very honest... The most boring diva here in Revolution Wrestling has got to be Gail Kim. She's the champion for over 70 days in her first run. Good for you, Gail. But you're boring. And that's a problem for me because I can't have someone who doesn't bring anything new to the table representing my company and most importantly representing the X Division. Others have worked hard for that title only for Gail to not show up, not want to defend her title or even defend the title in a lazy way. Like honestly if you're going to be like that, you can go quit like your friends Cameron, Candice and Daffney did. And that's the bottom line.

Sable: Trish because she is a total whore who brings nothing new to RW except herpes.

Alexa Bliss: Caylee Turner. She brings nothing to the table.

Rosa Mendes: Trish is the most boring. She tries too hard to be badass, and just looks bad! I don't even know why she's in the company.