Sunday, April 12, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Who Should Be Released?

Revolution Wrestling got to talk with some Divas and Superstars to talk about who they think should be released from RW! Here's what they had to respond...

Emma: Honestly, no one should be released we are all amazing talent at RW.

Trish Stratus: Caylee Turner. She is so cocky backstage and is always so rude to veterans and newbies. Like she is so confident in her ability but she isn't even good in the ring, mic, or have charisma. She is just decent in ring, but she needs to improve that quick. We as a company should grow but she knocks the other divas down. That is not what a diva should be. Caylee lacks the passion for this business and I don't want to step in the ring with her anytime soon. She doesn't take any thing seriously and always complains about the scripts and stuff. She says she deserves a title shot or a push! Like wait your chance sweetie. Your time will come soon. She needs a dose of reality and needs to stop being annoying. That's all I have to say for her and I hope she listens well.

Torrie Wilson: Caylee because she is very disrespectful to other divas and management.

Rosa Mendes: Caylee, she just is extremely smelly and scares me. I liked the old Caylee better, this new one is annoying and crazy. AND SMELLY.

Aksana: Aksana thing Kayli should be fire from RW....I thing is very selfexplainig why.

Winter: Havok, the bitch beat me in her debut, and was bragging and shit, like bitch sit the fuck down with your Kharma wanna be ass.

Gail Kim: Jillian cause she doesn't want to be in RW anymore. Since vacating the title and leaving RW for a while she became less interested and boring.

Alexa Bliss: Caylee Turner.  She whines too much about not getting pushed.

Becky Lynch: I want to see Caylee Turner released in RW because she is so rude to everyone backstage, when she does segments they are always so boring, her in ring career is dull, all of her matches end in 2 minutes with her losing because she is a flop 24/7, she has zero friends backstage and even her own sister Alicia Fox hates her. She lets other people down in segments and matches which isn't fair so this is why she should be released from RW.

Caylee Turner: I want to see Brie released. I think she brings absoulutely nothing. It's pathetic. She thinks she is so great, but really she is not. Everything about her is boring, her moveset, entrance, everything. I'm put to sleep by a Brie match. I also don't like the overlooking of other talent to give her pathetic ass title shots. When was the last time she won a match? She has no purpose in RW.

Charlotte: Sasha Banks, She's an horrible in-ring competitor, with a lackluster move set that only a monkey could do, look at her she doesn't compare to me the most Genetically Superior Diva in RW and I have to be booked as her bodyguard. I am disgusted by the thought that she's Women's Champion before me. I'm taller, I'm faster, nonetheless I'm just better. Sasha's tragic and doesn't deserve her spot. She's pathetic and I'm superior and you know what I'm tired of being her lacky and sooner rather than later, this will change and hopefully it's because of her release from RW.

Nikki Bella: Caylee Turner because she annoys me and she's irritating. She acts like she's the only one who deserves a chance. She's been in RW for what a month and she acts she's the best but trust me honey there girls backstage who would beat the shit out of her. She's lucky I didn't set that cheap ass weave on fire. Look what happened to Cameron. Thot left because she owed me 30 dollars. I was coming for her ass.

Cesaro: Caylee, very filthy person.

Paige: I would LOVE to see Tamina get released. All she is is a fame hog and a just overall shitty wrestler. She's riding AJ's coat tails, and I and the whole locker room are sick of it. She's a bully and she deserves to get knocked down a peg.

Beth Phoenix: My first choice would have to be the BFF's, but I would have to go with my ex-friend Natalya. She's being messy lately, and she costed me a title shot.

Alicia Fox: I think that Gail Kim should be released from Revolution Wrestling. She's a utter disgrace to the X Division championship. And let's be honest, she hardly ever defended her title. And when she has, she's always had some controversial victory. Myself, Tamina, and Rosa Mendes all deserve another shot at capturing the gold, and this time I'll get it like I rightfully deserve.

Madison Rayne: Caylee Turner, she's rude backstage and is a tragedy in the ring, Alicia is a saint for dealing with a mess like that. And she is honestly just regular, nothing special about her.

Tamina Snuka: Aksana because she is an undeserving contender and Tamina should be getting that World Title shot.

Michelle McCool: Aksana. She brings nothing to the table. I mean no one wants to watch her wrestle.