Monday, April 20, 2015

Revolutionary Divas Season 3 Coming Soon!

-The reality show of your favorite Divas is returning soon! With some new Divas, others are returning and even better and bigger challenges! The cast is not confirmed yet, but we know that AJ Lee and Carmella are the judges again! Now, we will see some of the divas who could be in this season.

Trish Stratus: Trish was in the first season of R.D and she was the "winner" of that season. She's an example of why RD makes you a top star in the company. After winning the show, Trish went after the World Title, and she won it, beating Torrie in under 3 minutes. But many people belive that Trish is not that golden girl anymore so what better than R.D to go back to the top? Do you think that Trish should return this season and claim the championship?

Winter: Winter is one of the newest Divas in the comapny. She got into the business really quick, and her skills helped her a lot. She developed a huge character and made a statement, she's not her to play. Winter plans to get her way to the top, destroying anyone who gets in her way. R.D would be the perfect opportunity for Winter to finally get what she wants: the gold.

The Beautiful People: Velvet Sky and Angelina Love could be a great addition for this season. They have beauty, strength and they're smart! Even though they haven't made a huge impact, they always impress everyone when they are in that ring! Both of these ladies only want gold, and that's what they will get if they are in R.D. Do you think that TBP will make their way to the top after joining R.D? Or will they join Caylee Turner and leave? 

Becky Lynch: The proclaimed "Delty Diva" is not here to play. We saw Becky in the last season, when she clearly was a fan favorite, along Alexa Bliss. She didn't win, but she sure showed why no one should underestimate her. Since breaking up with Aksana, this could be Becky's biggest moment and finally be in the top of the Divas Division.