Friday, March 20, 2015

RW Rumors! Torrie Wilson, Aksana, Charlotte and more!

-There is a huge rumor goind around that RW World Champion, Torrie Wilson is leaving after WrestleMania, the plans is let Candice win the title, since Daffney is leaving too, but no one really cares about her. Torrie Wilson might retire and have her last match against her former best friend. Do you think Torrie will retain and leave next night? Or will she just leave embarrassed? Find out at WrestleMania this Sunday!

-There's a rumor that RW Diva Charlotte has been doing steroids, and that explains her whole body. This is not confirmed, just a rumor or a "joke" among the Divas in the lockeroom. Summer Rae did a subtweet about Charlotte last night, but quickly deleted it. She could have heat for it.

-Becky Lynch and Aksana schedule to split soon? There has been talk about the team BeckSana, the RW Tag Team Champions, and apparently they're breaking up soon, since Aksana has been too lazy and Becky has the potentional. We don't know yet, but it will be probably after WrestleMania. In another note, Sasha Banks could win the Women's Championship at WrestleMania.

-There has been a lot of heat on Jillian since she is pretty scared of losing her title. This week Jillian faced Charlotte, and the Flair girl was schedule to win, but Jillian went against the script and let Charlotte win by DQ. This could lead to Jillian losing title or worse, getting released, and it seems like RW Officials are not interested in her anymore

-Divas scared of newbie? A lot of Divas have been scared of the new addition to the RW roster, Kharma. She made her debut this past Thursday on Xplosion, where she attacked Eve Torres and made one thing clear: She is coming for every single Diva. Who do you think it will be Kharma's next victim? Will other Divas confront her?