Sunday, March 29, 2015

RW Rumors: Candice Michelle, Trish Stratus, Heat On Jillian Hall, and more!

-There has been talk about the new World Champion Candice Michelle possibly defending her title more than usual. Officials say that she may defend her title once every week. Nothing is confirmed yet, but this is a major rumor going around the RW locker room.

-Heat on Jillian Hall? Jillian Hall was the first ever Women's champion, she dropped her title and left the company for a while, she then came back to become the next Women's champion at the time defeating the former Women's champion Layla. Jillian dropped the title at WrestleMania to Sasha Banks, who's also a 2x Women's champion now. Officials are upset because they feel while Jillian was gone she should've been training and training to get better, but that's not the case, which makes other divas backstage disappointed because they feel while Jillian was gone they were working hard for the Women's title and now that she's back it's become more of a hot potato.

-RW officials not high on former World Champion Trish Stratus? There has been word going around that RW officials are not that high on Diva Trish Stratus. Officials believe that Trish has lost her spark and that she's not the way that she was before. This may have been why Carmella was victorious vs. Trish at WrestleMania this past week.

-Push for Beth Phoenix? RW officials are loving how aggressive Beth Phoenix is becoming. They're interested in how Beth's handling the Divas Division at the time. She's been winning matches against top stars in impressive amount of time. Time will tell, will Beth Phoenix finally get a push?