Friday, March 27, 2015

RW Rumors: AJ Lee, BeckSana, New Divas? and more!

-There has been talk about breaking up BeckSana. Apparently, RW Officials, don't want this team anymore, since Aksana has been too lazy and doesn't show up. This could happen at WrestleMania or after the big stage, with Aksana turning heel on Becky Lynch. Nothing is confirmed yet, but this is a strong rumors going around backstage.

-RW has signed two new divas: KC Cassidy and Veronica Lane. We don't know if these two divas will be wrestlers or just interviewers. But we saw them both training this past Sunday. KC Cassidy has been on indies before and she is from Australia, meanwhile Veronica is a former peagant queen.

-AJ Lee getting push soon? There is a rumor that RW Diva will get a push probably after WrestleMania. Remember that AJ is facing Paige this Sunday.

-Many people have been asking. Why did Brie Bella get a title shot? Well that's simple. Many people believe that Brie has been working hard since her debut, and that she really deserved it. Even though she didn't win, she impressed the Officials, and she could get a push soon.