Saturday, March 7, 2015

RW Exclusive Interview: Torrie Wilson Discuss Becoming #1 Contender, Feud With Trish, World Championship And More

Torrie Wilson currently holds the RW World Championship, which she will defend at the WrestleMania PPV on March. 29. She began her second title reign at New Years Revolution off of the former champion, Trish Stratus.

Revolution Wrestling got the chance to talk to the reigning World Champion, Torrie Wilson about becoming #1 contender, her feud with Trish Stratus, the World Championship, and what she thinks about her current feud with Candice Michelle and Daffney.

Revolution Wrestling: You got the chance to become the #1 contender for the World Title before, how were you feeling when you became the new #1 contender?

Torrie Wilson: I was feeling a rush, I had confidence. I had just beaten two great wrestlers to earn the #1 contendership. I was counting down the days until the match.

Revolution Wrestling: You went on to face  the then World Champion at the time, Daffney, at TLC with the World Championship on the line. Did you have any confidence heading into that special match?

Torrie Wilson: Well I knew what Daffney could do and how dangerous she was. But to be honest, I had a lot of confidence, because she didn't want it as much as I did. She got her 2nd reign handed to her, and I worked my ass off in the ring.

Revolution Wrestling: When the match, you vs Daffney ended, we saw you come out on top as the new World Champion, but that was all ended when Trish Stratus came out and put her title shot contract on the line, she then went on to defeat you, becoming the new World Champion. How did it feel to win your first ever title in Revolution Wrestling only to drop it in a short amount of time?

Torrie Wilson: I felt like I had just had my heart ripped out. All my blood, sweat, and tears, gone in two minutes. TWO MINUTES. She knew I had just gone through a TLC match, I was almost broken. But there she goes cashing her contract, that she got handed to her. She didn't deserve that title reign to be completely honest.

Revolution Wrestling: You got to face Trish again with the title on the line at New Years Revolution. You won the title once again, becoming the 2nd woman to hold the World Title not once, but twice. Did you feel more happy to win the title the first time or the second?

Torrie Wilson: Second, because I knew I was going to get a REAL reign that time. Not some  minute reign, that was given to me by Trish.

Revolution Wrestling: How did you view yourself and Trish's feud at the time?

Torrie Wilson: It was kind of boring in my opinion. Lack of creativity, and with Trish not wanting to be booked made it even worse.

Revolution Wrestling: And as of today, you are still the World Champion. You are currently feuding with Candice Michelle and Daffney. Are you liking this feud you three have going on right now?

Torrie Wilson: I'm loving it, I feel we each have our own characters. I think creative is taking this down the right path.

Revolution Wrestling: You will defend your title, against Daffney and Candice Michelle at WrestleMania. Do you have any game plan going into your big title match?

Torrie Wilson: Yes, two of the best wrestlers in the company. My game plan is to fight my ass off and maybe I might have a couple tricks down my sleeve?