Saturday, March 7, 2015

RW Rumors!

-There is a rumor going at backsatge that Cameron is getting sick of the treatment she gets and that she is schedule to leave after WrestleMania. Many people believe that Cameron is leaving because she never got a title in this company and she feels like she could be top babyface or top heel. However, RW Officials don't agree with this, especially AJ Lee, who had heat with Cameron before. Nothing is confirmed yet, but this a strong rumor going around.

-RW Diva Melina Perez was supposed to get a push and get match at WM, but plans have changed, and probably she won't get WrestleMania match now. The match was Melina, Eve and Carmella vs Trish, Alexa and Cameron but plans have changed and we don't know the matches yet. If Melina doesn't get her push before WM, she will get released with RW Diva Caylee Turner and Aksana.

-There has been a lot of heat on Divas Aksana and Gail. Both champions never show up for the shows and they say that they're too lazy to do matches. Both could get stripped of the title, or even worse, get fired. And that's what RW officials are thinking about . Aksana probably is joining RW retirement line with Melina and Caylee Turner.

-Eve Torres is schedule to return full-time this week. There are no plans for her but apparently ,she is getting title soon. Divas like Summer Rae, Charlotte and others are really scared since Eve has been burying the entire divison even the top stars like RW World Champion, Torrie Wilson. Officials are high on her. In another note, Alexa Bliss will cash in WrestleMania and Candice Michelle is schedule to win championship.