Saturday, November 28, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Who Is Your Dream Partner?

Revolution Wrestling got the chance to talk to most Divas about who their dream partner would be. Here's what they had to say:

A.J. Lee: My dream partner is simple. It's Paige. She has everything that I have. We would dominate this Divas Division one by one and of course, win some gold. Who knows though, maybe this “dream” might actually turn into reality? You guys aren't ready for the Freaks and Geeks!

Alexa Bliss: Anyone who knows how to play by the Alexa Bliss rules. Rule n.1, I'm the one in charge, rule n.2, I'm always right and most importantly rule n.3, in any case of both of us fighting for a singles title they will lay on the floor and let me pin them. ♡

Aliyah: My dream tag partner would be Carmella. She is great in the ring and is basically the total package, so why not? Carmella also is a very accomplished diva in RW, former X-Division Champion and tag champion. I would have so much fun teaming with her!

Angelina Love: My dream tag team partner would be Eve, because she rarely loses and she is an inspiration to me.....her greatness is just amazing to she is a 2x X-Division champion and the current champion plus the longest reigning champion.

Asuka: My dream tag partner would have to be Bayley! Me and her share basically the same fan base, and being that we both have exactly the same fans, I think we'd make a crowd pleasing duo! Plus, we can both go in that ring! It'd be amazing to tag with her, being she's one of my only friends in the locker room! The other girls seem to already have a tag team or stable, or are uninterested. But Bayley and I would be the most loved duo in Revolution Wrestling history!

Bayley: AJ, because she is a loyal friend and likes video games! Tamina, because I learned that if you have zero character like her, you won't make it in she inspired me to want to have that character!! And Angelina, because she is a great friend and we would kick butt!

Billie Kay: My dream tag team partner would be Asuka. Not only is she a great competitor and a great wrestler, but I have so much respect for her. I think we'd be a great match, so I hope that someday we can come together as a team.

Brie Bella: My dream tag team partner would have to be hmm...Eva Marie! I think she carries her with such poise and elegance. She's a star on the rise to the top of Revolution and I wouldn't mind hopping on that train. Plus she's very determined to have things go her way, and that seems to get you far here. If we were to every team in the future I definitely think it would be beneficial for both of our careers.

Cameron: My dream tag team partner would be former RW diva Aksana. Aksana certainly had attitude, and she knew what it took to make a team, having captured the tag team championship before. But Aksana could hardly speak English and had the same amount of talent as the cardboard box she currently resides in, so it wouldn't be difficult for me to outshine her!

Carmella: My dream tag team partner is Gionna. Because she's my girl! We have so much in common and she's like my sister!

Dana Brooke: Well I would love to tag team with Eve Torres because she's made her mark in the division, by becoming the longest reigning X-division champion so why would I not wanna tag with the longest reigning x division champion?

Eva Marie: My dream partner..hmmm. She'd have to be pretty, she'd have to have moves and she'd have to be like me. She'd have to be... Fabulous. -laughs- My pick goes to..Carmella. -smirks-

Eve Torres: If I could team with anyone in RW, it would have to be Aliyah. I mean have you seen how tragic she is? That girl is crying for help and is in desperate need of a makeover, head to toe. I mean have you seen those eyebrows? Yuck..

Gionna Daddio: Hmm..Dream partner is Carmella because of the chemistry between her and Gionna.

Layla: I don't need a dream tag team partner. I already have one! Slayers have only just begun!

Mickie James: You mean besides Melina? I'd have to say Bayley. She's such a spunky, young at heart and a free spirit like myself. And she can go in the ring. She gave me a hell of a fight.

Nia Jax: My dream already came true being with Eva and Carmella but if that doesn't work out, I'd love to team with Tamina! As family we can dominate the ring and we're both powerhouses.

Nikki Bella: My dream partner is Nikki Bella because we have the same style and we wear the same attire to the ring. We also have the same entrance music. We both are fearless. TWINS!!!

Paige: I love Nattie but if I had to choose someone else I'd choose AJ Lee. She reminds me a bit of myself cunning and sneaky. She gets the job done by any means and doesn't care who toes she steps on. That's a lady I would want on my side and hey who said 1 day she won't 😈

Rebel: My dream tag partner? Ha! Well, Rebel already has her dream tag partners in Eve and Scarlett. No other woman is worthy of being MY partner except for them.

Rosa Mendes: Rosa because she's the only one that would understand me.

Velvet Sky: Maybe Eva or Nia Jax or Nikki because they’re all really good and I think it would be good to have Nia she's never lost a match so hell yeah.