Saturday, November 7, 2015

TEA TIME with JoJo Offerman!

Hello everybody and Welcome to Tea Time with your girl JoJo Offerman
I'm here to spill ALL the T on Revolution Wrestling and it's employee's.
Let's get started...
Kim posing for the camera.

In this RW EXCLUSIVE we'll be talking about RW's former Asian Sensation Gail Kim

It looks like the Taiwanese Diva's departure so quick after her resigning has more behind it than just a Loser Leaves RW match...The japanese Wrestler was seen Backstage and was said to be furious. Gail Kim was screaming and yelling at employee's in what was said to have sounded like Chinese, moments before attacking Rebellion Ring Announcer Lena Yada.

A picture taken moments before
Yada seduced Kim's husband.

But that's not all. Word going around Backstage is that Kim's husband cheating on her with the Rebellion Ring Announcer is what lead to the attack. Gail Kim was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for holding two Chopsticks and repeatedly ramming them into Lena's body during the vicious act.

RW Officials came up with the Loser Leaves RW Match in an effort to erase Gail Kim from the history books and she shall never be mentioned again.

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