Thursday, November 12, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: TEA TIME with JoJo Offerman!

Hello and Welcome to this EXCLUSIVE Episode of Tea Time with your girl JoJo Offerman
I'm here to spill ALL the T on what's up with the sudden absence of RW's wildcat Sable
Let's get started...

Sable at a Wrestling convention
in November, 2015
Many fans were concerned about the well-being of self proclaimed cougar of RW Sable, after her sudden absence, so I made it my duty to get on the case and spill ALL the Tea for my lovely Tea Time viewers!

I can officially confirm that Sable's Revolution contract has been terminated..However she didn't hesitate and found a new calling in the Cam-Girl industry. Sable offers weekly Skype sessions to "stay in touch" with all of her fans.

Sable "working" on one of her
weekly Skype sessions

Backstage at the "FoxHound Wrestling"
Tapings back in 1969
The now former Diva says she has been offered Deals for adult movies by famous companies like vivid and

One thing is sure, Sable loves her fans...all few of them.