Saturday, May 2, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: What Is Your RW Dream Match?

Revolution Wrestling got to talk with the Divas, Superstars and even former employees about their dream match in Revolution Wrestling. Here's what they had to say below!

A.J. Lee: My RW Dream match is simple. I would love to face Eve Torres once again but this time for the World Title at Wrestlemania. Why? Well, that's because me and her are one of the best wrestlers or all-around performers here. Whatever she can do, I can do better. She's a former General Manager, I was the one to get her out of this role and look at me now, the General Manager. For weeks we've been at each other neck, she even hired some 'back up' because she just simply couldn't handle me. But now.. BUT now, I'm just living my dream and I want Eve to see this because this is a challenge from me to you. And hey, she is the X Division champion.. I wouldn't mind maybe defeating her, the champ just like I did when the General Manager was on the line.

Alexa Bliss: Honestly, there are so many amazing talent in RW that I can't decide. I would LOVE to have a Fatal Four way, Myself, Alicia Fox, Carmella and AJ Lee. I know we would tear the house down.

Alicia Fox: Erm, Fatal Four way. Me vs. AJ  vs. Eve vs. Carmella because in my opinion these three are the best in the company, and to be the best you have to beat the best.

Becky Lynch: My dream match is for the Delty Diva Becky Lynch to compete one on one against Eve Torres in a singles match and hopefully could happen at a PPV. When I first got signed to RW I always wanted to show the RW Universe what I could actually do and show the world that I am not here to play. And facing Eve will prove that. From watching her recent matches Eve is an outstanding performer and never backs down from a fight. She impresses me every time she competes. Lets not forget that we actually faced on a tag team match back in December it was BeckSana VS Eve and Madison Rayne with Aksana getting eliminated first. That gave me the opportunity to show that I didn't need Aksana to beat Eve and in the end I came out as the winner defeating my dream opponent Eve Torres. I couldn't believe what just happened that night. And now I know that I can beat her again any time any place I am ready lets bring it. So yeah Eve Torres is once again my dream opponent in RW.

Beth Phoenix: Me vs Havok, I would love to wrestle her because it could be possibly match of the year, Havok's a monster, and I'm a warrior. We would do wonders if we faced each other.

Brie Bella: I've already had a World title match and I've wrestled both Trish and Torrie who were my dream opponents, but still I've got one and that is against Gail Kim for the X Division championship because I've always dreamed to be on the top of X division and she's probably the diva to beat on RW.

Brooke Tessmacher: I haven't been in RW long but I have been watching for a while. And I know one thing, that is that Eve is one of if not the best wrestler there. I would love to face her and see what she is made of myself. I know I may be new but I will not go down that easily! I think me and Eve would put on great matches! Maybe I could even beat her and prove I'm here to stay!

Candice Michelle: Trish vs Candice. Oh um Trish and Candice never happened and it's a perfect match up. Nikki and Candice vs Trish because Trish forgot to pay our restaurant bill and it pissed us off.  BFFs Threat because they hate each other. And AJ vs Trish because they have issues with one another and both are power hungry.

Emma: My RW dream is to be a future X Division or Women's Champion and to get more opportunities for divas like Eva and Rosa because we're underdog divas here in RW and I want to change that.

Gail Kim: Becky Lynch. She's someone I never faced before, she's talented in the ring and one of the few people who can match my submission abilities.

Havok: My dream match would have to be against Paige, I have heard she has been nothing but dominant since her arrival and I would like nothing more than to just shut her up, she thinks she is dominant, if fate allows us to step into the ring I would gladly tear her apart.

Ivelisse: I want to take on Jessicka Havok, she's taken Women's Wrestling to new levels, she would be a real challenge, unlike a lot of the hoes.

KC Cassidy: My dream match would definitely be against General Manager AJ Lee to finally put her in her place.

Maven: My dream match.... I'd love to work with Madison.. She seems feisty as a heel and I want to portray that character and we can be awesome.

Madison Rayne: Well I'm sure everyone wants to see me vs Eve, but that will never happen because we are BFFS!

Naomi: Charlotte because she's amazing competition  and awesome person

Nikki Bella: Candice because I want her to see how it feels to lose someone  special. She just left me without even telling me. I want to throw her off a cliff then power bomb her onto a car but then rack attack her. Then apologize for being mean.

Sable: My dream match is Sable vs Sable because nobody is on the level I am so why would I dream of them?

Sasha Banks: My RW dream match would have to be myself vs Charlotte or myself vs AJ Lee. I think that Charlotte and I have some unresolved tension and that given the chance we could tear the house down and settle our differences. As for AJ Lee. She and I have had more than a few choice words to say about each other so I think a match at Wrestlemania would be amazing and the RW Universe will finally get to see who the baddest diva really is.

Taryn Terrell: A Women's title match because I'm way better than the rest. Well I would support the women and be nice and at least be a little crazy.

Trish Stratus: My dream match is Trish vs Aksana at a WM for World title. Me and her had a phenomenal match on that one Rebellion, and we teared the house down. She is a great wrestler and imagine the match we would put on at the grandest stage of them of all. We arguably put on the best RW match of all time and we can do it again and have a match even better! So I hope the officials read this. We can make magic and you never know, it can happen one day.

Velvet Sky: Um.... I would have to say Candice Michelle vs me of course, I mean Candice is a great competitor in the ring. I mean my technical skills vs her technical skills, her moves, her everything I think it would be a great match.

Winter: My retirement match, it will be against the woman who gave me my first ever RW match, Sasha Banks, I have a lot of respect for Sasha.

What is your Revolution Wrestling dream match? Comment below in the comments on who you would like to see face off!