Friday, May 8, 2015

RW Rumors!: Sasha Banks, AJ Lee, Kelly Kelly and more!

-There is a strong rumor that RW Diva Kelly Kelly will get released soon. This is because she doesn't appear for the shows and never does her scripts, so RW Officals are probably releasing her, since she's wasting space and she has no talent.

-Sasha Banks injured! RW Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, tweeted last night that she's dealing with a minor injury, but that she will be back soon! Will Sasha go back to the top again? Or will she fail like many others and become irrelevant!?

-AJ Lee returning full time? There has been rumors that GM AJ Lee, is becoming a full wrestler, and finally ending her career as General Manager.

-There has been a lot of heat between Trish and Candice. Apparently Candice hit Trish in purpose only to hurt her. Many people believe that Candice never liked Trish. Also, Candice and Nikki are still being friends, just not on TV.

-A new Revolutionary Divas commercial aired on Rebellion this Friday. We didn't get too much information, but AJ Lee and Carmella, once again, are the judges of the season. Who do you want to see this season!?

Stay tune for more rumors about your favorite Divas here on RW!