Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Revolution Wrestling Presents: TOP 5

RW TOP 5 is the newest column here on Revolution Wrestling. We will countdown from the greatest finishers, the greatest matches, to the worst debuts and the worst title reigns. TOP 5 will be posted every Wednesday! For our first issue we decided to take on the topic:


5. First off, at number 5 one of the biggest flops in Revolution Wrestling history would have to be... ROSITA.  Rosita debuted at the first ever televised RW show, Evolve. In a match against Trish, Rosita seemed to have the X factor the company was looking for. But fast forward just a couple of weeks, Rosita was seemingly trying to claw her way at whatever form of relevancy there could come. She even tried to win the love of former CEO of the company, Shane McMahon. Her trials, and mostly errors, got her no where and Rosita thus dissapeared from the company only a month after her debut.

4. At number four in the biggest flop countdown is... 
MICHELLE McCOOL.  Remember Michelle? We thought you wouldn't. Now, remember Layla and  Michelle McCool, LayCool? Sounds fimiliar. Michelle returned to wrestling after her stint with Foxhound Wrestling and reuinited with former team member Layla, to reform the infamous Laycool. Well that's pretty much all there is to say about Michelle... She was Layla's shadow. Michelle would have to watch as her partner Layla captured the Women's Title while Michelle captured the axe of a not-so-flawless release.

3. At number three in the biggest flop countdown is...MARYSE. Once upon a time the name Maryse was a household name. Maryse was the second person to ever hold the NXT Championship in Foxhound. Being one of the three people to ever hold the title. Maryse would return to television and made her Revolution Wrestling debut attacking Nikki Bella, they both went onto a short week feud-stint and Maryse came out on top in the two. What seemed like a bright future, dimmed down and Maryse eventually disappeared for months until her contract was released.

2. And at number two is... ASHLEY. Ashley had been singed by the company for just about a week when they felt she was ready to make the big splash on TV. Being paired with, then top headliner Trish, sounded like an amazing plan and a big catapult to the limelight. But something deeper was going on backstage. Ashley would make her debut by jumping the barricade then proceeding to attack Alicia Fox after a match with Trish, aligning herself with her "idol". Ashley would never be seen in RW again.
1. And finally at number one in the biggest flop in the history of
Revolution Wrestling countdown easily goes to... KHARMA. 
Kharma shocked the world when she debuted in an episode of Xplosion after a Eve and Alexa Bliss match. Alexa would pull a surprising win against Eve from a count out, but not as surprising as what would happen next. Kharma would make her debut in Revolution Wrestling by delivering an implant buster to Eve Torres, proceeding to make her way to Alexa's corner and toy with her. Kharma would make this iconic and never forgotten moment in RW, giving us all goosebumps and running for the hills. But the massive woman would never be seen again. Many sources say Kharma is hatching her plan to make yet another return.