Sunday, May 24, 2015

Revolution Wrestling Presents: Star of The Week!

There were some shocking moments that happened this week. We saw champions lose, we saw champions get crowned and we even saw champions retained. Let's get to the nominations for Star of The Week!

1st: AKSANA. This was a great week for the World Champion Aksana she won every match this week. She defended her title successfully against Becky Lynch this week on Genesis, then on Enigma she defeated powerhouse Havok, and she also defeated Brie Bella. Will Aksana's dominance overrule the division or will the division overrule Aksana? Will Aksana become this week's Star of The Week?

2nd: ALEXA BLISS. Alexa Bliss defeated Dasha Kuret and got the chance to face then the Women's Champion Sasha Banks this week with the Women's Championship on the line; Bliss came out on top and became the NEW Women's Champion! The 4th Woman to hold that championship and the 7th reign. The fairy tale ending of Alexa has just begun but the end of the longest reign of the Women's Championship held by Sasha Banks has just ended. Will Alexa Bliss become this week's Star of The Week?

3rd: EVE TORRES.  Eve has also had a victory on every show this week. Eve teamed up with Trish Stratus and they both defeated the X Division champion Rosa Mendes and her sidekick Ivelisse, Eve also went on to defeat powerhouse Beth Phoenix, and lastly she defeated the woman she teamed up with Trish Stratus. Will Eve Torres become this week's Star of The Week?

4th: NAOMI. Naomi finally got a victory in Revolution Wrestling when she defeated X Division champion Rosa Mendes with her devastating finishing move the Rear-View! Will Naomi become this week's Star of The Week?

Now it's time to let you, the fans, vote on who you think rightfully deserves to be this week's Star of The Week. Vote below, poll closes in 24 hours!