Saturday, May 21, 2016

Revolution Wrestling- MAJOR CHANGES

Major changes are happening in Revolution Wrestling.

For the past week Revolution Wrestling's viewership has decreased by nearly 50% and has fallen into the 2.0 rating. CEO Stephanie McMahon was not pleased, and has decided on doing major changes to the company.

General Manager Summer Rae posted a brand new article on, stating:

"Following the recent decline in viewership and the decline in the show ratings, major changes are being made to Revolution Wrestling. All champions are from this point on ward are STRIPPED of their titles, and now all existing titles in Revolution Wrestling are VACATED. All existing contenders are no longer in line for a title shot. Revolution Wrestling will return back on air at 7pm Central next week, Monday.  A fresh slate will be made and big things are in store for the Summer."

Shortly after the article was posted champions SOS, Eva Marie, Sasha Banks and Charlotte were no longer on the Champions area of the RW Roster section.

Revolution Wrestling officials hopes this change will bring forth more viewers and bring back interest to the company. No word has been said about whats in store for Genesis, but there's speculation that this coming Genesis will be the best Genesis yet.

Who will be the champions? Contenders? Will this change be a step in the right direction or will it just be lead to another dead end? Find out this up and coming GENESIS!