Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Revolutionary Divas- Episode 4

Last Week- Episode 3
The girls were shown eating breakfast. They went downstairs after a while and listened to the judges on what the challenge of the day was. The judges said the challenge was a Star On The Pole match and the winner will be safe from elimination. We saw Alicia Fox pick up the win by grabbing the star. Alicia Fox was safe from elimination for the day. Then the judges picked the two with the worst performance and had them do a match. The judges picked Aksana and Michelle McCool. Aksana won by forfeit after Michelle exit the ring and packed her stuff up and left the house and that is where Michelle McCool was eliminated. We also saw Jillian Hall get injured on RW TV and requested her elimination so therefore she also is eliminated.

Alicia Fox

AJ Lee
Eve Torres

Team AJ : Trish and Aksana
Team Eve: Alicia Fox

Torrie Wilson
Michelle McCool
Jillian Hall

This Week- Episode 4
1st: The girls talk upstairs for a while.

2nd: The judges arrive and exit the limo and into the house.

3rd: The judges are in the house and tell the remainder girls to come down to get told the contest or challenge of the day.

4th: This is the contest of the day. The girls have to compete in a Fashion Contest but in wrestling gear. The judges have to give their thoughts on the girls attires and the one that looks the worst will be eliminated off the show.

5th: We see the final two in a preview package for next weeks show.