Sunday, December 7, 2014

Revolution Wrestling Star Of The Week!

Welcome to Revolution Wrestling's newest column, Star of The Week. Where we have the fans vote on who they think deserve to be our Star of the Week!

There hasn't been many things that happened this week but of course we had some STARS. 

1st: We had CARMELLA defeat former X Division champion Melina in a title match. Making our own Staten Island diva the NEW champion! Ending the 36 day reign of Melina. Carmella surely will be the one to watch now, now that she is champion. But will her gaining the gold make her Star of The Week?

2nd: TORRIE WILSON has been on a roll lately. After becoming #1 contender for the World Champion Daffney. She and Candice Michelle went on to face Alicia Fox and Daffney in a Tag Team match. Torrie got the victory over the champion, making a statement showing that she's just not a barbie. Will this make Torrie the Star of The Week?

3rd: CANDICE MICHELLE may have not gotten the victory for the team but she still won the match thanks to Torrie. But this wasn't all Candice did. She went on to defeat Gail Kim on Xplosion. Candice is staying very strong after her lost to Cameron last week. Will this make her Star of The Week?

So now we turn it over to you, the fans, and let you guys decide who this week's Star of The Week will be. Cast your vote below! Poll will close after 24 hours!

Congratulations to Torrie for being voted the Star of The Week! Coming in first place with 11 votes, Carmella comes in second place with 8.