Friday, November 14, 2014

Special Match Rules!

Lumberjack/jill Matches - Lumberjills are not allowed to comment or make any unnesscessary actions on the outside to compromise the performance of the match. Lumberjills aiding the performers would've have to be booked by management beforehand just in case it is story based.

Submission Matches - Competitiors will have to break out before the count of 4. The match will only  be determined by submissions inside of the ring and disqualifications are only nesscessary if the opponent strikes the other with a weapon or fails to break an illegal hold in time.

Tag Team Matches - Same rules apply as a singles match except that once you tag out you are still required to do 3 moves before executing a pin. Illegals are also require to comment less during the match so that the legal competitors can perform (This rule also counts for managers and for Handicap matches).

Last Man/Woman Standing Matches - The attacker has to write "count him/her" to begin the count and the opponent has to post "gets up" before the count of 4.

Iron Man/Woman Matches - Each match will have a 60 minute time limit, if both opponents scored the same number of falls the match will go into sudden death overtime and the winner of sudden death will be decleared the winner.

Cage/Ladder Matches - After the opponent writes "climbs" or "exits door", the opponent has to make it before the count of 4 before making the successful escape. Opponents can stop the counts with a move or writng "pulls in".

Elimination Chamber Matches- The match starts off with two people out of 6 combatants, every 5 minutes another competitor will enter. But be warned, there will only be 4 people in the ring for a maximum.

Royal Rumble/Battle Royal Matches - 4 people in the ring for maximum, after your opponent tosses you out you can write "Gets in/Pulls in" to keep yourself into the match but you have to make it before the count of 4.

Inferno Matches - You write "Burns" to make the attempt to set the opponent on fire, the opposing competitor has to put "Pulls out" before the count of 4.

Championship Scramble Matches - Just like the Elimintaion Chamber, The match starts off with two people out of 6 combatants, every 5 minutes another competitor will enter but this match will be at a 5 person match with a 35 minute time limit. Each time a wrestler scores a pinfall or submission, that wrestler becomes the interim or unofficial champion. The interim champion by the end of the time limit will be the winner.

On A Pole Matches - To reach for the following item put "climbs", you have to recieve the following item before the count of 4. Logically the opponent will have to write something to break the count.

Bra & Panties Matches - For taking something off post "breaks" before the count of 3 that would be issued by the referee. You have to remove either the top or the bottom off first and then go to the other to achieve a victory. Attacker has to write "takes top/bottom off" to take the opponents clothing off.

Reach For The Star Matches - The match will start off with 5 people in a battle royal, the last two people in the match will move on to a "Star on a pole" match where they will compete.

Gauntlet Matches - Two wrestlers begin the match and are replaced whenever one is eliminated, if it's the handicap version there is one person that is alone left to compete against a series of competitors. The Tag Team variation of this match is called the Tag Team Turmoil Match.

War Games Matches - This match will start off with two people inside of the Hell in a Cell, this will be a Gauntlet Match with 4 people on the opposing teams.

Ambulance, Buried Alive and Casket Matches - Write "Throws in" to put the opponent in the truck, casket or hole, the opponent has until the count of the referee's 3 count to write "break".

Tables Matches - When your opponent goes for a move to put you through the table, write "breaks" before the count of the referee's 3 count to successfully create a reversal.