Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Revolutionary Divas: Episode 3

Last Week- Episode 2
Last week on Revolutionary Divas we saw Paige and Alicia Fox as the late additions to the show. The girls had a challenge and the challenge was surrounded by a pool. We saw Alicia Fox survive and was the last one standing and not into the pool. That helped Alicia Fox not be eliminated off the show. We then saw the girls have some training time with the trainers:
AJ Lee, Carmella, and Eve Torres. After the training the trainers called the girls with the worst performance up to do a match and those girls were Jillian Hall and Paige. Jillian Hall won the match and that made Paige eliminated!

Trish Stratus
Jillian Hall
Alicia Fox
Michelle McCool

1st: Torrie Wilson
2nd: Paige

Eve Torres
AJ Lee

Carmella- Jillian Hall and Michelle McCool
Eve Torres- Alicia Fox
AJ Lee- Trish Stratus and Aksana

This Week- Episode 3

1st: We see the girls in the house waking up from sleep and eating their breakfast.
2nd: The judges tell the girls to come downstairs.
3rd: The judges tell the girls the challenge for the day.

4th: The challenge of the day will be a Star On A Pole match up. The rules are simple. 5 divas in one ring. A star on top of the turnbuckle on the pole. You simply have to write "Grabs" or "Pulls down" to reach the star. If the opposing members doesn't pull you down before your own self count of 3 then you will be the winner of the challenge and will be SAFE from elimination.

5th: The judges pick two girls with the worst performance to do the match. The loser of that match will be eliminated off the show.

6th: The match takes place.