Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Revolutionary Divas: Episode 2

The Cast
Michelle McCool
Alicia Fox
Trish Stratus
Jillian Hall

AJ Lee
Eve Torres

AJ: Trish Stratus and Aksana
Eve: Paige and Alicia Fox
Carmella: Michelle McCool and Jillian Hall

Last week we saw the elimination of Torrie Wilson. She was the first elimination, after she lost her match with Jillian Hall, the diva went home and is now off the show. She won't be the only one eliminated though. There are 6 Divas left but only 1 can remain. Who will be the winner? Who will be eliminated next? Find out on this episode of Revolutionary Divas!

Episode 2

Scene 1: The girls are shown eating breakfast in the house.

Scene 2: The girls are told what the challenge for the day is by the judges.

Scene 3 : The girls start off with a challenge. This challenge will be held around the pool. You have to simply push one another off the concrete into the pool and if the opposing person doesn't type "Stays On" before the self 3 count they will be out of this challenge. The challenge continues until there is only one person left standing on the concrete and that person will be safe from being eliminated. 

Scene 4: The girls start to dry off and are in the house.

Scene 5: The girls start to talk to one another and the judges call them by teams to train.

Scene 6: The judges tell each girl to come down stairs and they call the girls one by one to do a move, headlock or anything to show off their talent.

Scene 7: After all the training, the judges tell the girls to go upstairs for a moment to make a decision then when decision is finalized the judges tell the girls to come back down.

Scene 8: The judges pick 2 girls who've had a bad performance and tells them to do a match. The loser of that match will be officially eliminated.

Scene 9: The eliminated girl off the show will then have a confession and talk about why she should've won and what she planned on doing if she won. The camera heads back upstairs to the girls and they talk for a while about who they want eliminated to end the show.