Saturday, February 11, 2017

Taryn Terrell's Title Reign Reaches Milestone

Revolution Wrestling talent and current RW Champion Taryn Terrell has officially joined the likes of Alicia Fox and Carmella, AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka, Eva Marie, and Eve Torres on the list of champions who've held a championship in RW for over 100 days.

It all started at No Mercy where Taryn Terrell went on to face RW Champion at the time, Summer Rae. Taryn Terrell got the upset victory over Summer Rae after a shocking Diving Crossbody off the top rope followed by a successful pinfall.

Taryn then went on to face the unhinged freak herself, Nikki Cross, with the RW Championship on the line at Survivor Series while Summer Rae was involved in a chaotic Survivor Series Elimination match. There was a heated bout between the two competitors Nikki Cross and Taryn Terrell but Cross couldn't quite get the job done. After locking in a vicious Crossface onto the champion, Taryn Terrell took advantage of a grounded Cross by reversing the pressure into a pin! One! Two! Three! Taryn Terrell retains the RW Championship.

Summer Rae wasn't done with Taryn Terrell though. Summer had her eyes set on the RW Championship, knowing that she still had a rematch clause for the title. Summer ended up having her rematch clause at TLC where the fans would vote on whether she'd compete in a Tables match, Ladders match or a Chairs match. Ladders match ended up with the most votes so later that night, Summer Rae went up against Taryn Terrell in a Ladders match with the RW Championship hanging high above the ring. Luckily for Summer, she had experience with Ladder matches already so the match she was competing in wasn't much of a big deal to her. Summer gave it her all in the RW Championship Ladder match but in the end, Taryn Terrell was sat on the top of the ladder with the RW Championship in her hands. Summertime is definitely over... Taryn Terrell does it again!

With Summer Rae out of the title picture, it gave other women a chance to finally challenge Taryn Terrell for the RW Championship with hopes of winning the RW Championship. After winning a #1 Contenders match, Lana, got the chance to face the RW Champion Taryn Terrell at the first Pay-Per-View of 2017, Royal Rumble. Although she came up short in the match, Lana impressed the RW Universe with her showing against Taryn Terrell. But that doesn't change the fact that Taryn Terrell is still the RW Champion!

And here we are, February 11th, 2017.... Taryn Terrell currently holds the RW Championship. Will she retain the RW Championship at the upcoming Pay-Per-View, Elimination Chamber? Or will the other five competitors team up on Taryn to eliminate her from the equation to make sure that we get a new RW Champion? No matter the outcome, history will be made!
Congratulations to Taryn Terrell for being able to hold the RW Championship for 102 days and counting! 

Now, what are YOUR thoughts on Taryn Terrell, her current reign as champion, and the RW Championship itself? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section. This is not a discussion post.