Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RW Live Event results and news- New Gimmicks, debuts and more

Revolution Wrestling recently had a live event in Fort Wayne, Indiana that had a lot of unexpected debuts, performances and gimmicks. The show overall was a success, however the match that stole the show as reported by many was the debuting Gail Kim vs Brie Bella. Kim decided to go down to NXT late last year, after failing to reclaim the now retired X-Division title the creative team had nothing left for her other than an inevitable release. She was used a stepping stone for talent such as Billie Kay in NXT and failed to do anything memorable. With Alicia Fox's contract ending soon officials have reportedly made the decision to finally release her, ending her already dying career. Gail was to take her spot as enhancement talent.

However that perspective changed when Gail finally got the call back to the main roster and faced Brie Bella at the live event. Unexpectedly the match was stellar and got rave reviews. Brie Bella is reportedly getting pushed soon, whether it be with her sister or solo it is unknown at this point, as for Gail Kim majority of the officials agree she has potential to be a star.

Another match that took place at the live event
was Naomi vs Natalya vs Summer Rae. This match also got good reviews, however the most notable thing was the debut of Summer's new dancing gimmick with another NXT Call up; Fandango.  It is unknown where this gimmick will lead to but positive reviews are submitted about these two.

Revolution Wrestling has released the poster of the upcoming Pay per view Battleground. The decision of who is winning the title or who is retaining have been offically set, however there is still doubt concerning Becky Lynch. Lynch lost on Main Event this week to Summer Rae who also debuted her dance gimmick on TV. The reason for Becky losing is unknown   but it is worth noting that Becky messed up at least 3 times in the match up. Some officials are sick of Becky and regret ever considering her to even be in the title picture, others are impressed and are happy with her great connection to the crowd, and are especially impressed about her promo before her match with Summer Rae.