Thursday, July 7, 2016

REPORT: RW officials not high on current contenders?

Numerous inside sources within Revolution Wrestling have come forward with talks of Revolution Wrestling officials being unhappy with the current contenders. Nearly 2 weeks ago Cameron won the contendership for the Womens title and Becky Lynch for the RW title. Lately she hasn't been connecting with the crowd as they would of hoped despite all this exposure, and her ring skills aren't as polished as once thought. Becky Lynch also has been the center of speculation, she has undoubtedly captured fans hearts and is one of the top faces in the company, but Becky has consistently been messing up matches. Rumors state that Becky was never meant to pin Carmella and the final two were meant to be Carmella and Becky not Summer Rae. Officials were angry at Becky for messing up yet again, and wonder if a champion who isn't trusted to follow a script is what they're looking for.

RW Officials believe Alicia Fox is so much better than Summer Rae and should have been the focus in the RW Women's Championship Tournament, as opposed to what ended up happening. It is said that Officials regret their decision to let Rae move upwards in the running for becoming RW's next Face.