Thursday, July 28, 2016

RW News: Backstage Heat On Brie Bella After Heel Turn on 'Battleground'?

There is heat on Brie from upper management as they feel she hasn’t held her own against Nikki Bella, her twin sister, in their verbal showdowns behind the cameras. Brie’s acting skills are particularly seen as terrible. The belief on Brie is that she isn’t good enough in the ring for someone who’s being pushed to the moon before in a heated rivalry against the former General Manager Summer Rae. The company actually didn’t intend to give Brie the heel turn but seeing how Nikki has made the turn on numerous occasions before, a change for Brie was necessary, officials say. As of now, Brie Bella is scheduled to lose her singles match against Nikki Bella at Summerslam and move on to what some say the "lower mid-card".

Below is a video of Brie crying after hearing Nikki's "hurtful" words to her on RAW. When she had the role to play a bad girl who ignores everyone and their viewings of her.