Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Backstage Heat on Top RW Superstar?

-The Wrestling Observer is reporting that there was a lot of backstage heat on the Queen of RW Charlotte stemming from comments she made in a recent interview with former music producer Widows PF.

Here's what Charlotte had to say,

"I'm in my own world. I don't care about any of the Superstars. The love backstage is fake. I don't even like the crown I'm holding right now. I think this crown fits the other females backstage. You know the ones who worry about switching their hair color instead of worrying about what new moves they can perform in that ring."

Charlotte has been a heat magnet within the locker room for months now. Her recent comments caused her to get kicked out of the female Superstars locker room by veteran Paige. Charlotte then had to change outside of the locker room in front of the male Superstars who are Rikishi and Edge.

There is currently no word on what RW Officials will do with Charlotte and her reign as the Queen.