Saturday, April 9, 2016

RW Superstar suffers fatal accident

RW Superstar and current Queen of RW Charlotte suffered a fatal accident last night, according to PWI Mania. 

RW talent were confined to their hotels following a devastating cyclone blazing through the city of Dallas, leaving Genesis, Enigma and Rebellion to be cancelled. The cyclone ended just over 21 hours ago, however during its final hours Charlotte walked out of her hotel trying to find her brown poodle called Toto. 

Witnesses say they saw Charlotte running through park in front of the hotel, throwing ruby slippers at her poodle in hopes that it would stop running. Unfortunately, during her attempt to get back her poodle the cyclone  tore through the park and swallowed Charlotte up.

Today the park is in ruins and authorities are trying to find Charlotte, her whereabouts are unknown.

If you have any information on Charlotte's whereabouts contact 657855.