Friday, February 5, 2016

RW Diva focus- Mickie James

Did someone say crazy? Mickie is no AJ Lee but she sure is crazy in her own weird way- don't let her hear you though.

Mickie's debut was rather interesting, she debuted as a fan of RW Diva Trish Stratus, then when Trish rejected her a while afterwards, well, we saw a new side of Mickie we thought we would never see, she attacked Trish and went on to be apart of the slammy award-winning feud between Trish, Lita and herself. Soon afterwards she formed a tag team with current X-Divison champion Melina and together called themselves ''M and M''

This fearful duo's eyes were on the tag titles, however their own differences got in the way of them claiming the gold off Black Widows and sadly lost their chances at the tag titles. Twice. And after losing their second opportunity, Mickie's bottled up anger at Melina finally exploded as she attacked her former partner savagely, leaving the RW universe shocked.

Mickie didn't let the loss of the the gold opportunity and her friend keep her down, she went on to go for the crown contendership which unfortunately she lost however she did put up a good fight at the Royal Rumble, but alas was thrown out in the end.

Mickie is now injured after a torn MCL and ACL by Melina, it is unknown when she will be returning or IF she will be returning, but we can all show up support for this amazing wrestler by tweeting #halfayearofMickie!