Saturday, February 27, 2016

RW Rumors of the Week

     There have been numerous rumors sparking throughout this week of Revolution Wrestling. After having a successful ppv on Sunday, many interesting observations were brought up. Some stories are related to divas, releases, or Wrestlemania storylines. 


     One rumor which has been buzzing all around the company is in regards to Summer Rae. She is apparently back for good and there is a rumor going on that her and Layla will feud leading into Mania. No words yet on if this story will surpass that ppv, but Layla may be leaving soon after that match. Last Engima, she accidentally forgot to breakout of Rosa Mendes' headlock. To make matter worse, she forgot to kickout of Havok's roll up at Fast Lane. Officials are losing faith in the former RW Women's champion and may be ready to finally take the trash out. 

     A big question has been on the minds of many fans...where is Peyton Royce? RW had her going on a 10-0 streak, and suddenly she vanished. No word yet on whether or not it's a work. If you do see her on the TV screen, expect her to be targeting Eva Marie's women's championship leading into Mania. 

     Speaking of Eva Marie, a vast majority of RW officials expect her to walk out of Wrestlemania still the Women's champion. Stephanie McMahon reportedly loves her matches as of late and believes Eva should at least hold onto the belt for a few more months before dropping it to someone irrelevant like Tamina. 

     To no surprise, Revolution Wrestling fans and officials are impressed by Nene's interviewing skills as of late. They feel she brings a certain personality that Renee Young or Christy Hemme, fail to do. Word has it, Nene Leakes is training backstage for a match against the current Queen of RW, Charlotte. Expect big things from this big lady. 

     A final rumor surfacing the web this week is about Alicia Fox. Apparently, Alicia has been seen as a "troublemaker" backstage. In a recent interview on Good Morning America, an interviewer asked Alicia if the rumor was true. Fox quickly began to laugh and walk away. What was most interesting, is that her eye began twitching the moment the question was asked. More info on this story soon.