Friday, February 12, 2016

REVOLUTION Wrestling Presents: Tea Time With JoJo Offerman!

Hello everybody and Welcome to Tea Time with your girl JoJo Offerman
I'm back and ready to spill ALL the Tea on Revolution Wrestling and it's employee's.
Let's get started...

RW Officials not happy with Charlotte, Rosa Mendes and the Queen Of RW crown?

The Queen Of RW crown is the latest addition to RW's numerous collection of Championships, but there's a rumor going around Backstage that RW Officials might not be as happy as it seems.

Word going around Backstage is that RW Official's are not impressed with the direction the Queen Of RW crown is headed. Crown's don't usually last very long around here, but what seemed to be a good idea turned into a nightmare for Higher-Up's in RW and it's said they are not happy with Rosa Mendes' reign and Charlotte's contendership and want to get rid of the silver crown as soon as possible.

RW Announcer and Referee Cherry has been making headlines on social platforms all week.

February 11th, 2016 has turned into a night RW Announcer and Referee Cherry won't forget this was that night that she went viral on Twitter and had taken social networks and wrestling forums by storm after being hit on the skull with a cement block.

What was supposed to be a normal refereeing job for RW announcer and referee Cherry turned into pure horror for the blonde bombshell after a fan aimed and landed a cement block at her skull. Cherry has since been taken to the nearest hospital and declared the rumors to be false on Twitter. Fans are not happy with her response as the incident was aired LIVE on RW's hit show GENESIS. Would it be possible that Cherry has forgotten all about the accident?

RW Officials heading for a new direction with Women's Champion Eva Marie?

Eva Marie has been the center of controversy in the past weeks after viewers felt the red headed Diva was not defending her title appropriately and in a challenging enough way for a Champion. Do RW Officials agree?

Rumor has it that RW Officials agree with the RW Universe's views and are looking to head into a whole new direction with Eva Marie's Women's Championship reign. Higher-Up's are said to believe that her title reign is not being lived up to it's full potential and are working on ways to change this. Could this be true? Could we see a whole new, challenging side of Eva Marie?