Monday, December 7, 2015

Revolution Wrestling: Thoughts On Current Women's Champion Eva Marie And X Division Champion Eve Torres?

Revolution Wrestling got the chance to talk with the Superstars and Divas about their thoughts on current Women's Champion Eva Marie and current X Division Champion Eve Torres. Below are their responses on the question(s) asked.

A.J. Lee: I think Eva is a great competitor, her reign started off good with the little rivalry between Naomi, Cameron and Eva herself. Then, Eva was just there. She was like a champion with no actual challenger. And we all know there's some talented girls on the Genesis brand. But now, Eva is doing great with her Team F.A.B. but there's only a matter of time until her "team" turns on her to get the gold. Who knows, maybe Liv Morgan can give Eva the match of her career? Eve is an incredible champion, to hold the championship that long is just simply amazing. I'm just waiting for the day that she loses, that day will be a memorable day for sure.

Alicia Fox: Eve Torres, she can't be beaten! She's definitely setting a place in the history books, as for Eva.. Well, she is my friend and I personally think she's proved a lot of people wrong and is doing a wonderful job as champion.

Aliyah: They are both great competitors!! I would love to face them both.

Angelina Love: Eva I was surprised when she won the title....because of all the cheating that was going on, but she is pretty good. Eve the champ there is nothing much to #RWTTTT she won't be champion any more plus she is relying on her "Doll House" to take people out, i mean yea she good because she rarely loses...

Asuka: Eva Marie...she's someone I never thought would make it to where she is. But hey, she proved us all wrong. Now she has Nia and Carmella, aka Team F.A.B, and I really think they are going to play a key part in Eva's title defenses in the near future. Eve Torres is the exact opposite. You saw her everywhere even before she won the title. Whether it be as a General Manager, or a Wrestler, she was making headlines. And she's going up against stiff competition in The Beautiful People...more specifically Angelina Love, but I don't see her losing her title anytime soon either. At least not with her dolls at her side.

Bayley: Eva Marie is a great athlete and wears the women's title like a champ! Eve is a great champ and motivates all of us to be on our A games every single day.

Billie Kay: Eve Torres is a great competitor. She is a great and deserving champion. Eva...she's facing Gionna.

Cameron: Eva is a conniving, weasel-faced little Strawberry Shortcake lookalike who has no true definition of the phrase 'hard-work.' Her championship reign is thanks only to her ability to manipulate people into becoming her allies.
Eve, on the opposite side of the same coin, dedicates her entire being to keeping her title - she uses her allies as a back-up plan, not a crutch. While she is similarly manipulative, she can back up her games inside the squared circle...and that's what matter.

Carmella: I think both are amazing champions. Eve has definitely done more than Eva, but my friend is making an impact. I think Eva should accept more challengers, and I love Eve's reign but it's time for someone else to take that title.

Dana Brooke: Eve has been on a role as x-division champion, she's the longest reigning x-division champion of all time but we’ll see if she really is great if she retains at TTTT. As for Eva Marie she's been doing well but we will see how long she'll be champion.

Liv Morgan: Eva and Eve are great champions! Obviously if they've been champ for so long but there is always someone better and there is someone out there that can beat them.

Mandy Leon: Eve Torres.... Great champion,  she has my respect. But Eva Marie?  Tuh.   That title needs to be on the waist of a more deserving diva *taps stomach* preferably me.


Melina: Hm my thoughts? Those championships are irrelevant to me just like the title holders. The only one that really matters is the tag team championships & when M&M wins them at TTTT, they'll finally be prestigious.

Mickie James: Eva Marie? I beat her before, and I can do it again. She's gorgeous but that's not all it takes to be an all rounded performer in the ring. And, from the crowd responses, they don't think she can wrestle. As for Eve Torres, she's a great champion! I'm a HUGE fan. I hope she reaches 365 days and then a certain someone can snatch that belt from her.

Natalya: Eva surprisingly showed off she can hang with the best and I commend her for that. And Eve I think is an amazing champion, she's held it this long and I wouldn't be surprised if she held it till Wrestlemania.

Nia Jax: Eva is a great champion, and I will have her back no matter what. #TeamFAB Eve is the greatest champion ever in RW no doubt. She's proven week after week why she deserves it and deserves everything accolade she has. I just can't wait to see who'll take her down.

Nikki Bella: They are awesome. I'm speechless because I admire people like them.

Paige: My thoughts? I have only 1 on Eva Marie and that's a fluke. She's a red headed bimbo who SUCKED up to the right people and earned her spot by laying on her back and not shutting her legs. Eva Marie is the reason Genesis is going down the drain. She needs to be stopped and soon this Diva Of Tomorrow will turn the Paige on the reign of Eva Marie. Eve Torres? What can I say she's a dedicated fighting champion something Genesis clearly lacks. She's the perfect example of a champion bold and bright She's smart and collected every move she makes is calculated and for a reason she's truly THE champion of Revolution Wrestling.

Rebel: Queen Eve is the greatest X Division Champion. She's conquered EVERY person that's tried to take her title from her. Not only that, but she is the longest reigning X Division Champion in history. That is a true champion right there. As for Eva Marie....I don't know her.

Roman Reigns: I Think They Are Doing A Good Job.

Rosa Mendes: I admire Eva as a Latina champion and I applaud her! Eve on the other hand is a sneaky maldita perra that needs to callate. She will never live down that Rosa beat her!

Sasha Banks: Eva is a marvelous champion. The presence she brings to the ring is amazing and with each match she manages to get better and prove why she deserves the title. Eva gives the title the prestige I wish I had been able to give during my reign. As for Eve Torres. Ya know I really don't care for her and I believe there have been better champions. At this point in time Eve better watch out because once I get back to being the Bo$$ you can guarantee I will snatch her nappy edges and that title. And you can bank on that!

Scarlett Bordeaux: I was brought up well, so if I have nothing good to say, I'm going to bite my tongue. That's regarding Eva. I am not a Genesis diva and despite there were issues between Doll Academy and Run ECC, I think Eve proved to everyone in that triple threat match that we are one of the dominating forces in Revolution Wrestling. If Eva is a champion, then she deserves it. About my girl Eve, she is a great champion and a wrestler that no one at the moment can stop. Rebel and I can both assure that we got Eve's back 24/7, no matter what. Doll academy for the win!

Summer Rae: Eva? She was smart to create Team FAB to back her up and help her and she really does know how to push your buttons. Eve was also smart because we're at a time in RW where everyone is a threat so it's good to build alliances. They can keep their titles warm for me. 😇

Tamina Snuka: Eva is an undeserving, untalented rat who had to cheat to beat my cuz Naomi. I have no opinion on Eve.

Tara: I don't know much about Eva. She's fairly new to RW and has been making amazing strides, becoming champion in such a short time since her debut. I've trained with her and the girl's pretty talented and grasps some of the basics. She's the top dog over at Genesis, so that's none of my business....however, you never day we may cross paths and I'll have to snuff out the bright red "star" that is Eva Marie. *smirks* I kid. I kid. Eve. She's cute. I mean she talks a big game, but has backed it up time and time again. The Dollhouse is a driving force behind her reign of domination over Rebellion. Some say she's losing her edge, some say she's gonna hold on to that shiny title forever. She's very impressive in the ring with her array of submissions and quick attacks and I'm astounded by the passion she has for this business. She's done so many great things, broken so many records....but I think it's about time for somebody broke her....don't you?

Velvet Sky: The Women's champ what is there to say I mean she's something now but when someone beats her she'll go back to being a nobody. Ha really why are you asking me about Eve and her knockoff group TDA seriously? She will be forgotten after my beautiful tag partner beats Eve and we destroy the knockoffs of TBP.

Zahra: They're very mediocre. They both give this Women's division a bad name. Now everyone will think we're prissy and weak.

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