Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Revolution Wrestling Presents: Wednesday Night Enigma!

R.W. Enigma: Denver, Colorado

*Asuka Roulette Spin Backstage*
Asuka vs ???- Roulette Decided Match
*Rosa Mendes Promo*
Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie
*Aliyah Backstage Interview w/ Renee Young*
Velvet Sky vs Aliyah
*Brie Bella Promo*
Brie Bella vs Angelina Love
*Tamina Roulette Spin Backstage*
Tamina vs ??? -Roulette Decided Match
*Scarlett and Rebel Promo*
*Tara Roulette Spin Backstage*
Tara vs ??? -Roulette Decided Match
*AJ Lee Roulette Spin Backstage*
AJ Lee vs ??? -Roulette Decided Match
*Eve Torres Backstage Interview w/ Anastacia
*Summer Rae Backstage Segment

Week 1 Options:
-Vs Melina in a 2/3 Falls Match-
-Vs Mickie James in a Hot Dog Eating Contest-
-Vs Paige in a Steel Cage Match-
-Vs Billie Kay in a Bra and Panties Match-
-Vs Cameron in a Dance Off-

*Note: Only 4 spins will take place. This means 1 person on the wheel will not compete*

*Results of the spins: Asuka vs Melina in a 2/3 Falls Match, Tamina vs Paige in a Steel Cage Match, AJ & Cameron in a Dance-Off, and Tara vs Billie Kay in a B & P Match