Wednesday, October 14, 2015

TEA TIME with JoJo Offerman

Hello everybody and Welcome to Tea Time with your girl JoJo Offerman
After some time off, I'm back to deliver you the hottest Tea, straight from RW's Backstage area.
Let's get started...

Fox's controversial Instagram post
doesn't look so injured to me.

First story is all about the Foxiest of them all...Alicia Fox.

Many people among Revolution Wrestling believe that Fox's injury is FAKE. People believe that she faked an injury, after finding out about Carmella's, to get insurance money...
However after a recent Instagram post, following the allegedly injury, the tea is hotter than ever.

I had the..pleasure of talking to Naomi earlier today and this is what she had to say about this...I quote:
"Uh-uh! FAKE. Fake as her synthetic weave! She only done did this to sack in that insurance money....Buy my merch!"

Torres at a previous Rebellion Show
Next up we'll be talking about Eve Torres.
Eve has a history of not making a lot of friends Backstage, but things got a little heated between the friends..or shall we say friend Eve did make. As you may have noticed, Madison Rayne has been absent for a while now...

Well rumor has it that Torres may have played a big role in that, it is said that Eve convinced and almost forced Madison to QUIT Revolution Wrestling and right now it seems as she might have actually done that. Torres is known for loving attention, but would she go as far as backstab her own friend to get another 15 minutes to fame?

We, here at Tea Time sent our reporter Lance to Interview Ms Torres in an attempt to spill the tea on this complicated situation...Check the Interview out below:

That's it for this week, but make sure tune in next time when it's called Tea Time with your girl JoJo Offerman.
Have a great day and remember...There's always time for tea.